Waterproof communication solutions for all weather conditions and water-based environments

Hytera’s waterproof two-way radios perform no matter what conditions you work in. With our reliable and versatile radios including the cutting edge H Series you can communicate clearly and effectively in emergency rescue and lifeguard situations, keep in contact on boats and ships and coordinate complex water sports events without fear of water damage. Hotels and resorts can also ensure tourists and visitors are safe guarded at beaches and pools thanks to the reliable communication coverage of waterproof portables if they happen to drop in water.

Our years of creating radios for environments where safety is of paramount importance means we have deep knowledge of the dangers and requirements of working in and around water. From oil rig workers who need robust radios which are not only waterproof but explosion proof too, to sailors and canoeists needing to stay in touch with dry land at all times, our professional waterproof radios are used in all weathers and cases.

Hytera is renowned for its high performance, professional radios which have a full suite of features besides their waterproof credentials. Our robust DMR two-way radios use the latest digital technology to transmit voice, data and application communications in complex locations around the world.

Other versatile handheld radios designed and manufactured by Hytera include GPS tracking and Man Down functionality to keep lone workers connected at all times in high risk environments. For clear and simple communication straight out of the box, our analogue, licence free radios provide clear voice quality and long battery life with built in protection from dust, rain and water jets.

You'll find Hytera’s waterproof two-way radios in all kinds of outdoor environments. From sports fields and arenas to construction sites to events and festivals, our weatherproof radios can stand up to the elements. All the waterproof radios below meet the stringent MIL-STD-810G standard which includes salt fog protection. This means that the radios are not subject to the corrosiveness of coastal and sea environments.

Discover the best IP68 rated waterproof walkie talkies, rugged construction 2 way hand helds, secure waterproof radios with GPS tracking and repeater systems for you below.

HP5 Series


The HP5 is durable enough to withstand dust, heat, shock, and water submersion It comes in 2 variants, the HP565 and the HP505 which are both IP67 and MIL-STD-810G certified.

HP505 HP565

En hp56x highlights 6

HP705 Next Generation DMR Two Way Radio

Waterporting Technology

The HP705 sets the new standard for waterproof two-way radios, with thinner, lighter dimensions, longer battery life, enhanced coverage and IP 68 Water and Dust protection with an innovative water porting design. Impervious to water jets and submersible to a depth of 2 metres for 4 hours, the HP705 stands up to the toughest environments

HP705 Handheld DMR


HP785 Handheld DMR Radio with Display

The HP785 DMR handset with large screen and AI noise cancellation provides high reliability, an intuitive interface and louder and clearer audio in a waterproof, 29.5mm package that weights just 310g.

HP785 DMR Radio

Hp785 header

PD985 Versatile Waterproof Two Way Radio

The Hytera PD985 is a professional and versatile handheld digital radio that offers a range of advanced features including GPS, Bluetooth, Man Down, Lone Worker, Remote Monitor, Emergency alarm and more. Its IP68 protection means the radio can also stand up to the harshest of environments. The PD985 is a full duplex portable that also offers SFR (Single Frequency Repeat) capabilities.

PD985 Two Way Radio

0000 hytera products blue PD985

PNC460 Push to Talk over cellular Device

The PNC460 is built to improve efficiency in the workplace and has both smartphone and push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radio capabilities, empowering your team to connect and collaborate more seamlessly at work. Moreover, the PNC460 is truly rugged to brave any harsh environments and is IP68 rated. Where there is tough work, there is the PNC460 which simplifies industrial communications, making your job easier, simpler, and more efficient.

PNC460 PoC Handset

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PDC550 Smart PoC LTE Radio

The PDC550 is an IP68 and military standard rated waterproof PoC radio with smartphone capabilities. The PDC550 provides DMR conventional and LTE communication options for private confidentiality or public coverage, with front and rear cameras, HD touch screen, Bluetooth and NFC

PDC550 Smart PoC radio

10100 hytera pdc550 blue

PT310 & PT350 TETRA Professional Digital Radio

The PT310 Waterproof TETRA radio provides IP68 water and ingress protection, ultra clear voice and easy operation for reliable, distraction free communication in the harshest environments. The PT350 is also equipped with an optimised keypad on the front, which can be easily operated with gloves. It also has an OLED display, which ensures optimum visibility even in bright sunlight and is well protected by its lowered design.

    PT310 TETRA Professional Digital Radio PT350 TETRA Rugged Wideband Radio with Keypad

    Hytera PT310 350

    Hytera Bodycameras

    IP68 - Guaranteed

    All Hytera Bodycams are comfortable in water thanks to the IP68 certification, that means that no matter the option, you can make a safe choice within Hytera's Body Camera Range. Modern bodycams are smaller, lighter and increasingly sophisticated in the type of features they now support including; full HD video quality, infrared, night vision, integration with wearable equipment and even the ability to stream live footage to other devices.

    VM580D VM780 VM750D

    Cover Hytera VM580 D BWC Product Video


    Portable Outdoor Waterproof DMR Repeater

    Hytera's HR655 is the new generation DMR repeater designed to expand the communication range of your DMR radios. Compact and lightweight, the HR655 can be flexibly mounted to the wall or carried on the back via tailored accessories. The HR655 allows the communication connection to be available anywhere you need. It is the top pick for hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, industrial parks and many more large scale industries

    Outdoor Waterproof DMR Repeater

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