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The MNC360 is a push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) mobile radio designed for in-vehicle communication. With Hytera’s innovative design, it provides reliable, loud & clear service for various field communication scenarios.

Simple design

The simple-to-use design enables ease of radio installation, removal, and operation. Versatile accessories are available to meet a range of requirements as and when needed. Working as a professional business-ready PTT mobile radio, the MNC360 is the ideal group-communication device for vertical markets.

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Smoother Communication

  • Compared with regular smartphones, the two external LTE antennas on the MNC360 improve its RX sensitivity by 3 dB, covering weak signal areas such as remote suburbs or underground parking lots.
  • The smart switch enable the MNC360 to always select the network with better signal strengths. Stable, seamless, and high-quality communications are ensured everywhere.
Mnc360 smooth communication

Loud and Clear Audio

The built-in 4-watt speaker comes with distortion suppression, howling suppression and noise cancellation technology, which enable the MNC360 to transmit loud and clear audio even with the windows rolled down on construction sites or in bustling streets

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Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Paring with wired accessories or wireless accessories, the MNC360 gives users more freedom and flexibility for voice communications.
  • With the Android system and standard APls, the MNC360 is open for third-party apps to create an in-vehicle ecosystem for data application in the field.
  • Moreover, the MNC360 is highly customisable to extend the capabilities to fit specific needs.
MNC360 Accessories

Smart Design, Safe Driving

  • The MNC360 is a safety assistant providing speeding alarms and driver fatigue alarms to ensure a safe trip.
  • Programmable keys on the MNC360 are automatically locked during driving, helping the driver focus more on the road and less on the radio.
  • Meanwhile, an external USB camera can be connected to the MNC360, working as a dash camera to record journey details.
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MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio


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PoC Mobile Radio MNC360

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