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With high wind speeds and choppy waters to contend with, competitive canoeing is anything but smooth sailing, especially at a championship level event. Hosted in August at the Welsh National Sailing Academy, the International Canoe World Championships drew a global audience and world class athletes, with Hytera professional two-way radios selected to support the safe and efficient running of the week-long spectacle.

The Challenge

Tony Marston of the British Canoeing Society, approached innovative Hytera Dealer PMR Products, looking for a communication solution that could support the operational management, security and safety of the competition.

From the volunteers scattered across the complex to coordinate spectators, to health and safety teams out on the water, there was a need to collaborate between land and sea across the large site.

With some of the team being out on the water, it was essential that they would have a means for communicating instantly to control the racing and respond in the event of an emergency, and it goes without saying the chosen solution would have to be rugged and durable given the working conditions.

The Solution

Hytera DMR technology was the chosen solution to control the management of the onsite team.

A single RD625 repeater was supplied to improve the communication range and provide reliable coverage. This was paired with a mixed fleet of PD985 and X1p DMR portables, which were used across the venue in VHF band to co-ordinate competitors and spectators, collaborating between land and sea.

The Hytera PD985 is a versatile handset. Boasting long-battery life, advanced noise cancellation, even in windy environments and IP68 Protection, the highest dust and waterproofing standard, it's perfect for use out on the water. Meanwhile, the X1p portable handheld is ultra-thin and discreet, making it ideal for security teams.

"The IP68 rating ensured that we had no issues of radios being lost in the salty and sandy conditions and clear audio was essential where there was areas of high background noise from the wind which still allowed messages to be heard effectively.”
Tony Marston - British Canoeing Society

The operations team used PMR Products’ SafetyNet Locator system with GPS dispatcher to locate event staff for safety and effectively manage users around the site.

The Result

Speaking about the event, Marston stressed how important it was to be able to be able to keep track of who was out at sea and who needed to help recover boats – neither of which would have been possible without an effective communication system or strategy.

"The Hytera radios were very effective at optimising the use of our team of volunteers from just one site", Marston explained.

Phil Robin, chairman of the International Canoe Federation Sailing Committee in his final remarks commented,

“On behalf of the International Canoe Federation and UK British Canoeing Sailing Committee, I would like to thank Hytera for this successful World Championships and for the wonderful exposure that the relationship had offered in spotlighting the event on the world stage.”

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