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Instant, reliable communications for tough environments

Reliable two-way radio communications are vital for firefighters operating in hazardous environments. Two-way radios are robust, rugged and easy-to-use with clear audio and a long battery life. Hytera solutions ensure firefighters can collaborate more effectively and carry out their tasks more safely.

Better Efficiency

Responding effectively to emergency incidents requires teamwork and efficient coordination. The instant, group calling services provided by two-way radios means firefighters can easily receive and respond to calls from dispatchers, the fireground commander and each other to ensure a better collaborative, coordinated response.


Tough portables for tough environments

Firefighters require radios capable of operating in extreme temperatures and in dirty, dusty and wet conditions. Hytera radios meet MIL-STD-810G for shock, drop and vibration resistance and have high IP ratings against dust and moisture penetration.

Voice Communications

Reliable voice communications

Private two-way radio networks can provide high levels of redundancy in design and infrastructure hardening to ensure highly reliable, always available communications able to resist environmental disasters and power failure.

Group Calling

Group calling

Two-way radios and PoC devices support individual, group, emergency and broadcast calling. Group calling is key as it allows many firefighters to hear orders to communicate with colleagues simultaneously, saving time, increasing efficiency and potentially saving lives.

Direct Mode

Direct mode operations

Two-way radios enable firefighters to communicate directly radio-to-radio bypassing the main network. Direct mode is normal operating procedure on the fireground, but it is also very useful in tall buildings, tunnels, underground areas and when operatingbeyond main network coverage in more remote areas.

Enhanced Worker Safety

Radios do not just provide highly efficient communications, they also double up as an extremely effective safety device as well. The radio is the firefighter’s lifeline if they get into trouble and can feature several potentially life saving applications in addition to emergency voice calling.

Emergency Button

Emergency button

Radios come with an emergency ‘panic’ button usually sited on top of the device. It can be programmed to send an alarm to the command centre and/or to other radios. The identity of the person issuing the alarm is shown to devices with a display window.

Man Down And Lone Worker

Man Down and Lone Worker

The Man Down alarm will send an alert if the radio has been tilted at a certain angle. If the user has fallen over, is unconscious or injured and the radio is horizontal, the alarm will be triggered after a warning is issued to the user. The Lone Worker feature has a timer in the radio measuring inactivity. If the pre-programmed time is exceeded, a warning is issued, and if there is no response, the alarm is triggered.

Gps Location Services

GPS location services

GPS enabled radios allow commanders and dispatchers to locate and track users and can be used to pinpoint a user who has issued the alarm or who is in a man down situation. GPS can be used to set up geofenced areas. If a user leaves or enters a geofenced area, an alarm is triggered.

Intrinsically Safe Operations

Intrinsically safe operations

Hytera offers world-leading ‘intrinsically safe’, ATEX/IECEx certified hand portable terminals and accessories enabling firefighters to communicate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres where hazardous liquids, dusts and gases may be present.

Improved Connectivity

Private two-way radio networks provide better and more reliable connectivity as they are designed to provide the necessary capacity and RF coverage where it is needed with high levels of redundancy to ensure network availability and security.

Secure Communications

Secure communications

Hytera Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) can support several levels of encryption, including Basic, Enhanced, AES 128 bits and AES 256 bits. Hytera also offers its unique ‘over-the-air’ solution, which also encrypts the signaling on the air interface meaning all of the information is encrypted from call setup through to reception at thetransmitter.

Clearer Audio

Clearer audio

Fighters often have to work in noisy, confusing environments and they need to be able to hear instructions over the radio. Hytera noise cancelling technology gets rid of background sounds to provide much clearer audio.

Hands Free Wireless Operation

Hands free wireless operation

Integrated Bluetooth technology enables wireless connectivity to audio devices to improve user experience and to allow firefighters to communicate while keeping their hands free.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design

Hytera radios feature large PTT and emergency buttons and easy to operate channel switching and volume knobs allowing firefighters to operate their radios even when wearing gloves

Hytera Emergency Ad-Hoc Network Solution


Hytera emergency ad-hoc network solution provides a portable, reliable and secure communication network without other infrastructure, helping commanders to take full control of the emergency situation in a timely manner which improves work efficiency.

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