Two Way Radios and Events

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Some events simply couldn’t run without the use of two-way radios. From sporting events to music events, two-way radios are at the glue that holds everything together. Staff need to be updated on an incidents that happen, crowds need to be managed, and venues need to remain safe and secure. The average spectator may not see the role that radios play in keeping things under control, but at many events, two-way radios are invaluable. Radios are used in both indoor and outdoor events to manage staff and attendees.

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Why don’t people just use mobile phones?

You might be wondering why people don’t just use mobile phones? However, radios offer a range of advantages over phones at events.

To start with – have you ever tried to make a phone call whilst at a music concert or football game? With all the background noise, it can be hard to hear what the other person is saying.

Specialist two-way radios have noise cancellation, which are obviously ideal for loud, noisy events with big crowds. They ensure your voice can be heard clearly, no matter how loud the background noise gets.

Staff can’t afford to lose signal at any event and not be able to communicate with their team. Mobile phones aren’t as reliable as you might think, and can easily lose signal. Radios are more durable and reliable, especially in more places that may not get very good mobile signal.

Event security

They are also essential when it comes to event security, as staff can alert their manager or fellow team members to suspicious behaviour, and resolve issues before they escalate. Radios can also be used to signal for backup should more staff be required to manage a situation or problem.

They can also call for help in emergency situations. Giving clear instructions in an emergency to staff members via two-way radios can save lives. When you see security teams at events communicating via radios, it makes you feel more secure.

Another reason why two-way radios can be useful at events is that messages between team members can be transmitted without alerting the public. Radio language and code words can be used to tell fellow members of staff about an issue, without creating panic.

Crowd management

Crowd control is also something that’s a challenge at big events. Managing lots of people in a confined space is difficult. A clear crowd management strategy needs to be in place, and radios can help to make sure everything goes to plan.

The way a crowd flows can be successfully controlled using two-way radios. Team members can identify bottlenecks and things that are holding crowds up or delaying queues and deliver instructions on how to manage or avoid them via their radio.

Crowds can easily get out of hand if not controlled properly. With two-way radios, event security teams can stick to a crowd management plan and ensure the event runs smoothly.

Are you running and event and wondering how two-way radios might be useful? Contact us today and we can find the ideal two-way radio for your event.