• Hytera serves the One & Only Palmilla Hotel with DMR implementation

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Staff at the One & Only Palmilla and Golf Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico have migrated over to the latest Hytera DMR Solution from traditional analogue radios. This has enabled the hotel to now keep track and locate their coworkers across the property’s 27 holes

Imagine, after months of planning, you land in a beautiful destination ready to enjoy a well-deserved holiday then you get to the reception desk to be told you room is not ready. Different departments of the hotel are responsible for ensuring the room is clear for new guests including housekeeping, the concierge, the bellboys and the front desk and these individuals have to be in easy reach to be able to manage customer flow and rectify any issues.

The Solution

The implementation of Hytera DMR radios at Palmilla Hotel includes 350 PD706 terminals for the area of operation in the complex, 100 PD606 terminals just for use at the golf course, and a few PD786 devices for senior management staff. This mxed fleet of GPS enabled DMR radios successfully solves the problem of locating coworkers throughout the resort.

“Palmilla has always been a technology innovator in the hotel industry in Baja California Sur. Based on that and offering a state-of-the-art digital radio solution that provides exceptional audio quality and GPS localisation of the golf course staff equipment, we achieve top user satisfaction.”


A step ahead in the Hospitality Industry

The Hytera DMR Solution replaced the analogue radio system the hotel had in place, with migration decision following the aftermath of a hurricane. Migrating to the DMR System helped the hotel stay a step-ahead of the game whilst remaining compliant with the IFETEL’s digital migration regulations.

The Hytera DMR Solution supports logistics tasks, but also supplements security operations through a centralised controller. This provides additional functionality such as groups to be interconnected by means of a dispatch console, as well as alarms and warnings to be generated for users who require help quickly. As the hotel is based in an area susceptible to hurricanes, emergency features are vital, as it ensures a faster response time when dealing with any emerging situations.

A Solution for both the Operational Workforce and Senior Management

The simple rugged handsets with high IP rating and no keypad are ideal for the general workforce to respond and engage in communications. The senior management required a more comprehensive solution with full screen and keypad devices in conjunction with Hytera’s SmartDispatch software. The solution is built according to the ETSI DMR open standard, deploying a client/server structure and modular design that offers a distribution and deployment platform for the communication network in a customised control centre.

The interface allows the team to manage the following functionality to improve safety and operational efficiency:

  • GPS, geofence, speed limits, tracking routes.
  • Text messages.
  • Warnings.
  • Private, group and general calls.
  • Enable and disable radios.
  • Open remote monitoring.
  • Record all conversations.

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We are very pleased with the solution. This approach to communications is something we are promoting at a corporate level. As usual, we are the flagship of the luxury hospitality industry and as the systems are rolled out and tested, they will become the cornerstone of a larger project.

Marco Sainz, Director of IT and Special Projects
Hotel One & Only Palmilla, Los Cabos, Mexico

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