Hytera Debuts LTE-PMR Convergence Solution at CCW 2017

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Hytera officially launched its highly anticipated LTE-PMR Convergence Solution at Critical Communications World 2017 (CCW 2017), Asia World-Expo on May 16 in Hong Kong.

Hytera’s LTE-PMR Convergence Solution comprises of cutting-edge multi-mode advanced radio terminals, narrowband-broadband infrastructure, and management software. It incorporates feature-rich broadband technologies while ensuring that critically important voice services remain reliably accessible using narrowband technologies such as TETRA, DMR, and PDT.

At the Hytera Global Summit on May 16, on the first day of CCW 2017 before the exhibition opens its show floor, Qingzhou Chen, founder and president of Hytera, invited Hytera’s research and development management team to share Hytera’s insights and solutions with its users, partners, and CCW delegates.

“During the last 30 years, since I entered the industry as a young man, the two-way radio has seen no fundamental changes,” said Mr. Chen. “But for the last 24 years, Hytera has focused on bringing innovation to users. Now the PMR industry is entering a new era-and Hytera’s LTE-PMR Convergence Solution is the way forward,” said Mr. Chen.

"Our LTE-PMR Convergence Solution marks another milestone for Hytera, and it is a game changer," said Yelin Jiang, Vice President of Hytera responsible for R&D. "Hytera is once again driving innovation, providing versatile, leading-edge products to users worldwide." Hytera’s LTE-PMR Convergence Solution allows users to take advantage of a convergent PMR communications solution that couples narrowband voice capabilities with broadband data communications, while offering a smooth migration path to users.

Alongside its new LTE-PMR Convergence Solution, Hytera showcased at its booth a series of narrowband-based innovations, including DMR and TETRA terminals and infrastructure. Hytera’s next-generation Command & Control Centre was a particular highlight- demonstrating increased integration capabilities, which allow users and partners to develop up-to-date solutions across industries.

The LTE-PMR Convergence Solutions will be available in the UK region from Q3 2017.