Hytera Expands New Generation H-Series DMR Range with HP5 Models

24 May 2023

Hytera Communications (SZSE: 002583), a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, has released HP565 and HP505 portable two-way radios to further expand and strengthen its new generation of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portfolio. The HP5 models are developed to provide reliable voice communications for security, operations, technician, and maintenance teams at office buildings, stadiums, industrial parks, school campuses, hospitals, etc.

The HP5 series which was designed for enterprises and businesses with smaller teams, excels in balancing functionalities, usability, and price point. The HP5 models have dedicated dual knobs for volume and channel controls to simplify radio operation. With the universal Type-C port, HP5 radios can be charged with a power bank or car charger the way regular smartphones are charged.

HP565 and HP505 radios deliver crystal-clear audio enabled by AI-based noise cancellation, which suppresses annoying feedback howling and filters unwanted ambient noises. With the 0.18μV (‒122dBm) sensitivity, the HP5 Series ensures stable push-to-talk voice calls even at the far edge of coverage.

“Enterprise and business users may need fewer functions from their two-way radio systems than public safety users do. For example, the trunking call is usually a standard feature required by the police, not necessarily a must for business users,” said Howe Tian, General Manager of the Device Product Line at Hytera. “However, their requirements for versatility, ergonomics, and reliability are similar. With this in mind, we designed HP5 portable radios. We believe HP5 will be a great productivity and safety tool for a lot of professional scenarios.”

The HP5 series is IP67-graded water-proof and dust-proof and meets stringent MIL-STD-810G military requirements for protection against vibration, 1.5-meter drops, extreme temperature, etc. The GPS and BT 5.2 modules make these two new radios a versatile part of the overall dispatching and management solution.

For more information about Hytera’s HP5 series professional DMR portable two-way Radios, please visit: hytera-europe.com/hp5-range

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