• Redefining Communication Boundaries

    The Hytera HyTalk hosted service gives you coverage that is out of this world

Hytera HyTalk is the new hosted subscription service from Hytera that is natively supported on all of Hytera’s leading broadband devices – from the budget friendly PNC370 right up to the world’s leading multimode TETRA/DMR/Broadband devices such as the PTC680 & PDC760.

Hytera HyTalk Hosted Communications Solutions

Provides wide-area radio coverage over Mobile Networks
Hytera Hytalk diagram

Discover the benefits of the cloud-based Hytera Hytalk server

Collaboration across0 Dgeographic regions

Collaboration across geographic regions

Provides a nationwide service through LTE, 3G and Wi-fi

Instant Group0 D Communications

Instant Group Communications

One-to-many push-to-talk, multimedia messaging

Emergency0 D Alert

Emergency Alert

Instant alert and priority emergency call

Visible remote0 Dassistance

Visible remote assistance

Video streaming and hands-free communications

Centralized0 Dmanagement0 D Logging and tracking 4x

Centralised management, logging and tracking

Web-based dispatch console for fleet management, recording system for history track

Easy operation and0 Dflexible configuration

Easy operation and flexible configuration

User-friendly user interface for smartphone users; instant over-the-air update on group and user configuration

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

Organisation based VPN setting keeps your communications private

Budget friendly 4x

Budget friendly

Pay on-demand, scalable installation

Summary of key technical features:

  • Voice communications
  • Directory and presence
  • Instant messaging
  • Positioning
  • Streaming video
  • Web-based dispatch
  • Centralised management
  • Recordings
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Why Hytera Hytalk?

  • Hytera HyTalk is available as a hosted service, so your devices will work right out of the box, leaving you to focus on your business and not on IT infrastructure. For larger organisations with inhouse IT capabilities, the entire Hytera HyTalk software suite can be hosted on the premises for the ultimate level of control over your infrastructure.

  • Hytera HyTalk not only provides high quality voice communications with your team, but lets you see them too! One-to-one video calls, as well as industry-leading Push to Video (PTV) group calling, adds an extra dimension to your conversations.

  • Hytera uses the AWS cloud to bring you Hytera HyTalk as a completely hosted solution, which will scale as much as you need it to, removing the bottlenecks experienced with traditional communications systems.

  • The VM780 body worn camera with Hytera HyTalk is the ultimate package for keeping your team safe and connected. Communicate in real time with the press of a button whilst simultaneously recording events for evidence gathering.

For professionals by professionals – with boundless possibilities!

Hytera HyTalk is designed for the professional communication demands of a variety of vertical industries. It is the perfect choice for professionals who want to communicate without coverage or capacity constraints.

Hytera Hytalk can help overcome operational challenges

  • Reliable communications significantly drives the growth of organisation efficiency. Using equipment such as phones will cause staff to always fall a step behind the situation because there is no central platform for group information sharing and history logs reviewing.

  • Collaboration requires communication which has wide area coverage and can adapt to multiple types of devices. Staying connected anywhere and anytime is critical. With HyTalk you are able to leverage all ways of messaging, audio and video communications.

  • Not knowing the GPS location can waste valuable response time on getting to a team member or someone who is in danger or needs immediate attention. Displaying real-time on-duty status and tracking real-time location matters in organisation management.

  • In complex circumstances, employee safety comes first. They need to be protected and alerted. The sooner an emergency is triggered and found, the quicker the organisation can react.

  • Enterprise is always asking for centralized management. It gets things in order and in control. Given the resources are distributed in different facilities, a centric database, management platform and a solution of remote checking and updating are essential.

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