The Hosted HyTalk solution runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform which provides a plethora of baked in reliance, redundancy, and accreditations for the service.

Data Location

All data is stored in Microsoft Azure’s UK datacentres. If you require your data to be located in a specific EU country or the EU please contact us.


The redundancy in place to ensure the uptime of HyTalk is:

  • The HyTalk services are distributed across multiple servers to protect against the failure of one system
  • Distributed across multiple zones in the data centre to protect against data centre outages
  • Distributed across multiple connections to the internet to ensure connectivity in the event of an outage

There are many other protections in place, if you have any specific questions please contact us.

Disaster Recovery

All servers and data are backup every day, these backups are retained for a period of 30 days and are regularly tested by our team. In the event of a major issue with the platform, servers will be restored from these backups. The average restore time is 30 minutes.


The platform is fully managed by our team. Our preventative maintenance work reduces the likelihood of system outages, but in the event off the issue the team is on call 24/7 every day of the year to provide emergency support.

System Uptime

We guarantee 99% system uptime. In 2022 we had 99.93% system uptime, with disruption only totalling 7 hours for the year.


Azure comes with a long list of accreditations, some of the more revenant are listed below but a full list can be found here:

  • ISO9001
  • IS027001
  • Cyber Essentials
  • UK G-Cloud

Hosting Provider

Company Overview

NVOYY Group are an IT services and software developing company, specialising in a cloud first approach to technology solutions. Our team has the extensive experience in server deployments, maintenance, and support required to provide a reliable and resilient cloud-based services. Additionally, with an in-house development we can extend the functionality of existing products or create bespoke solutions when required.


We are accredited to the Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 standards for the operation of our Hosted Hytalk Service. We are currently working towards a SecureByDesign accreditation as well as ISO9001.

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