• Azul Brazilian Airlines - Hytera Seamless Radio Communication Helps to Avoid Brazilian Airline Delay​​

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Azul Brazilian Airlines is a Brazilian carrier based in Barueri. Azul is the largest airline in Brazil by number of cities served, offering more than 800 daily flights to more than 100 destinations.

Our solution

Hytera DMR digital radios have specific features to meet the communication requirements for the airport environment. The peculiarities of an airport, such as the presence of noise and electromagnetic interference, require the specific technology to ensure faultless communication. Hytera DMR radio solution can provide flexible group management, individual call, group call and other various functions to fulfil the civil aviation dispatching business.

Replacing the analog system, the new HYTERA DMR solution fills in the previous coverage gaps, providing 100 percents coverage among the airports, achieving interconnection among ground crew, engineers at the headquarters and maintenance staff on the runway.

Solution features

  • 18 airports with IP-connection system and repeaters including 3 international airports, 15 national airports and others
  • Migration from Analog to Digital
  • Superior audio performance

We chose Hytera radios for its durability, ease to carry and perfect water proof quality. The device requires almost no maintenance and provides more operational time.

Robson Cost, IT Manager
Azul Telecom and Information