• The Communication Challenges at HK Airport with Hytera DMR Solution

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Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is connected to about 170 destinations trough about 1,000 daily flights by more than 100 airlines every day. In order to guarantee the flight safety and operational efficiency, comprehensive check and maintenance need to be done after every aircraft parking by maintenance service provider HAECO (Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited).

Our Solution

Hytera DMR Trunking Pro, was proposed with 2 DMR Trunking base stations DS-6210, 700 portable radios PD785G and 39 mobile radius MD785G. It can set up a complete communication system, covering the whole working area at Hong Kong Airport, for HAECO's daily maintenance work. Reasonable grouping and stable architecture of fault weakening and handling make sure the stable and safety communication for HAECO.

Two base stations DS-6210 are installed in two different places in the airport and interconnected by two IP links to cover the whole airport. 1 + 1 Base Station Control Unit (BSCU) with hot-standby configuration allows communication on a per site basis, even if the IP link between site and MSO is disabled to increase the system reliability.

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