• TETRA system for the public security in Macedonia

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ACCESSNET®-T IP for the public security in the Republic of Macedonia

Our mobile radio solution in detail

The country-wide mobile radio system in Macedonia was implemented in two phases. The first phase in 2009 initially provided 42 DIB-500 base stations and two DMX-500 switching nodes of our circuit-switched ACCESSNET®-T system. In 2012, we were granted the follow-up order and expanded the existing system by 20 DIB-500 base stations and two IPN switching nodes of the new IP-based ACCESSNET®-T IP technology.

A bridge function ensures the coordination of the existing network management system with the new infrastructure for this combination. Each of our network management systems is downward compatible via a software update. Hence, our customer saves not only by using the existing infrastructure, but also because of minimum efforts involved in changes to the network management database.

The transmission of data from the police and State Department imposes high demands on the flexibility and security of the mobile radio system. We could meet them without any restrictions: The highly redundant design ensures a maximum degree of reliability. Authentication and dynamic encryption algorithms guarantee an enormous interception protection. With the implemented TEA2 encryption, the mobile radio system utilises the standardised encryption for public authorities for EU countries and candidates.

Upon customer's demand, we expanded the scope of functions with applications for voice recording and subscriber management. The dispatcher also contains the function of locating vehicles and displaying it on a map at any given time (AVL).

A special challenge in Macedonia consisted of the prompt implementation on site. Despite long and cold winters, we were able to successfully complete the system in 2012 ahead of schedule.

Our tailor-made TETRA system offers Macedonia a powerful and secure voice and data communication system. Based on the extremely high flexibility, the system can be adapted and expanded without problems at any time.

Highlights of our solutions

  • Rigorous downward compatibility: Use of older components in combination with new technologies
  • Combination of ACCESSNET®-T and ACCESSNET®-T IP network in one system
  • Network capacity for up to 20,000 subscribers
  • Maximum reliability through highly redundant network concept
  • Encryption with the TEA2 algorithm

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