Hytera Application Partner Interview

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In late June, Hytera UK organised a series of events to cover the launch of several new products and a Hytera roadmap. The event was attended by UK, Irish, French and Scandinavian re-sellers and distributors. Also present were several key Hytera application partners. One such partner was SMC who were showing off their feature-rich, cost-effective award-winning gateway. We caught up with their Applications Manager, Kevin Golding about a device that connects anything to almost anything else!

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Could you provide a quick overview of SMC and its history?

The SMC Group was established in 1958. It was initially called ‘South Midlands Construction’ and its original purpose was to supply masts and HF antennas to third-world countries. The SMC Group is recognised globally as a specialist communications company. Our products have been used in a variety of challenging environments across the world, from the ice of Svalbard to the deserts in the Middle East. At SMC, we are committed to providing lifelong pro-active product support, beginning with design, sale and installation of our telescopic masts and communication systems.

What kind of solutions do you currently offer that works in conjunction with Hytera DMR?

The SMC Gateway is a versatile appliance that enables system integrators to build customer-focused solutions without the need to install PCs and expensive software.

Typical uses include integrating radio systems with third party systems such as Fire Alarms, SCADA, Email, GSM Text messaging.

The gateway is compatible with Hytera DMR Tier II, Tier III and XPT systems and can connect to the radio system using a fixed mobile or to a repeater over IP.

How do your products enhance a customer’s Hytera radio system?

We expand radio systems with rich data feeds and bi-directional integration by making use of the data facilities of Digital Mobile Radio. Prior to the SMC Gateway integration was expensive; now it is available at an entry level cost.

What sets your product apart from other similar applications?

The SMC Gateway has been designed to reduce installation and maintenance costs, and to be ultimately flexible. The gateway, therefore, lowers the cost & complexity barriers to extending radio systems.

Which markets is your product the most popular in?

We have seen adoption in hospitality (hotels), sports arenas, education (universities and schools), transport (airports), manufacturing and many other commercial usages. The gateway is priced so as to allow its use on even the smallest of projects – we have seen it used in hotels with as few as 6 portable radios and no repeater infrastructure.

What exciting developments can we expect to see from SMC in the near future?

We are constantly improving our products with free firmware upgrades that provide new features and new integration options. Whilst the SMC Gateway is data focused we are adding more voice-related features.