Justice Committee calls for Bodycams to be made mandatory for bailiffs

15 April 2019

In a report released 11 April 2019, the House of Commons Justice Committee has recommended that body-worn cameras become mandatory for all bailiffs visiting homes and businesses.

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The report stated that “Technology has moved on since the National Standards [on enforcement] were produced in 2014.”

“We were struck by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman’s (LGSCO) evidence that they had not found fault with the agent’s behaviour in a single case where the enforcement agent was wearing a body-worn camera.

The report noted the strong support for the use of body-worn cameras from the industry, described variously as “crucial”, “very useful”, “invaluable” and “an excellent advance”.

“In all reputable organisations, enforcement agents have bodyworn cameras [which allow any complaint to be easily proven or disproven].”

The LGSCO also added; “The availability of body-worn video camera evidence means we can make a firm ruling on complaints about the behaviour of the bailiffs, as opposed to relying on the unsupported statements of the parties involved.”

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