Hytera Introduces the New HM6 Range of Professional DMR Mobile Radios – A new addition to the H Series DMR Portfolio.

16 November 2022

Compact and versatile, Hytera HM6 series Professional DMR Mobile Two-way Radios enable the drivers to hear and to be heard clearly against road noise and to better connect and collaborate with the team.

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Hytera Communications, has recently expanded its DMR mobile two-way radio portfolio by releasing two new models, HM685 and HM655. As part of Hytera’s new generation DMR radio H Series, HM685/655 are designed to provide reliable voice and data connectivity for workers on the road, no matter whether they are drivers delivering packages, technicians maintaining electrical lines, or security patrols across a campus.

The modular and compact design makes HM6 mobiles easy to install, remove and operate in the vehicle. HM685 is equipped with keys and a transflective display, which is readable both in direct sunlight and under poor illumination. HM655 doesn’t have a display or keys on the main unit; instead, it works with a hand-held control head (HHCH), enabling users to easily turn on and off the radio, switch channels and contacts, adjust volumes, and view messages.

The HM6 series mobiles deliver superb audio in noisy environments. The AI-based noise cancellation filters out echoes and background noises such as horn and engine sounds. Their built-in BT 5.0 module not only makes it easy to pair with BT audio accessories, further increasing its versatility, but also facilitates wireless programming. Considering the radio unit may be installed deep in the vehicle compartment, the BT feature is a great effort-saver when the radio needs reconfiguration.

Thanks to the high receiver sensitivity, HM6 mobiles deliver clear and dependable communications even in areas where the signal is unstable or weak. They operate in either analogue or digital mode. For businesses having an analogue system in place, the analogue/digital compatibility allows smooth migration with minimal disruption. Besides reliable voice calls, HM6 series mobile radios provide various services such as text messages, data transmission, emergency alarm, radio enable/disable, and GPS location. These services boost productivity and safety for workers who spend a long time on the road to fulfil their duties.

For more information about Hytera HM6 professional DMR mobile two-way radios, please visit: https://hytera-europe.com/hm6-series