Hytera Communications Europe is proud to release the New 5G XSecure Rugged Device for Maximising Safety and Efficiency

4 November 2022

Hytera Communications Europe officially launched its new 5G XSecure Rugged device - PNC560 on 7th November 2022.

PNC560 IF ú

The PNC560 was engineered for users such as security teams and commercial operations staff with demands for reliable, secure, and efficient communication in any situation. This new device enables teams to improve on their efficiency and performance and is perfect for users across multi-faceted industries such as hospitality, public security, logistics, and transportation.

Dual-SIM 5G Innovation

The PNC560 comes with dual-SIM 5G/LTE, providing greater flexibility for smooth voice calls, ultra-clear video streaming and lightning-fast transfer of large files, anytime and anywhere.

Multi-layer Security Mechanism

The PNC560 employs a multi-layer security mechanism through secure boot, hardware tamper-proof* and software tamper-proof, safe box, accompanied by Smart MDM to provide comprehensive data protection and control. Furthermore, the PNC560 serves dual purposes for it enables isolation between business data and personal data, guaranteeing both business security and personal privacy.

Reliability When It Matters the Most

The PNC560 supports dedicated 3GPP MCS service QCIs and 40ms short MSP for eMBMS service. The device complies with the latest 3GPP Release features in the HyTalk MC system, ensuring first responders are given the highest priority available over commercial users.

The PNC560 has a dedicated PTT button to realize real-time communication and a 3-watt ultra-linear dual-speaker to deliver loud, clear audio. The AI-based noise cancellation, echo reduction, and wind noise cancellation help improve speech clarity. The PNC560 is ultra-tough to cope with even the harshest work environments. Rated with IP68, the PNC560 is drop-resistant from 1.5 meters, and can be submerged under 1.2 meters of water for 60 minutes.

Features Enabling Users to Get the Job Done

Fitted with industry-leading scanner heads*, the PNC560 can capture 1-D or 2-D bar codes in milliseconds from near contact to 24 inches / 60 cm away. For public safety, transportation, first responders, and logistics users, the PNC560 is compatible with various third-party applications, such as Police Mobile App, Airport Management Systems, etc. It can be combined with other Hytera terminals to perform multiple tasks, ensuring safe and reliable communication in any scenario.

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*Hardware Tamper-proof is an optional hardware feature; Scanning feature is only available in the PNC560 SCAN version.*