PNC560 Overview

The best of both worlds

The new PNC560 5G XSecure rugged device gives you the best of both worlds, combining a professional PTT radio and robust smartphone. It comes in 3 variants including the standard PNC560 model, the PNC560 scanner version, and the PNC560 hardware tamper-proof model. This device offers mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G/LTE networks with super-fast speed and low latency, supporting team communication & collaboration and providing greater flexibility for reliable voice, video streaming and fast file transfers.

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Large PTT Button and Robust Design

  • Dedicated PTT & alarm buttons can be triggered in one press
  • 1.5m Drop Resistant
  • IP68 Dust and Water Resistant
Dedicated PTT button copy

Dedicated Emergency Button

Enables quick and direct calls to a supervisor or a dispatcher in emergency situations.

Emergency button 2

3GPP MCX Services

  • Dedicated 3GPP MCX service QCIs
  • 40 ms short MSP for eMBMS service
  • Open API for 3rd-party MCX APP adaptation
  • Compliant with latest 3GPP MCX features by HyTalk MC Platform

Loud and Clear Audio

  • 3-watt ultra linear dual-speaker
  • Intelligent power amplifier
  • AI-based noise cancellation
  • Echo reduction
  • Wind noise cancellation
Loud and clear audio

Software Tamper-proof

No unauthorised system access or modification.

  • Secure boot
  • Android file-based encryption (FBE)
Tamper proof

Hardware Tamper-proof

Unauthorised attempts to disassemble the device will trigger the self-destruct feature, which erases all data in the PNC560.

  • This feature is optional
Erase data

Safe Box

Provides a secure space for videos, pictures, and other files with end-to-end encryption and secured access.

Safebox copy

Smart MDM

Manages and monitors all devices in the organisation to protect data security.

    Manage and monitor

    Biometric ID

    Allows you to unlock the PNC560 easily and quickly, ensuring personal data remains inaccessible, even if the device is lost or stolen.

    • Fingerprint unlock
    • Face unlock

    Dual Domains

    With isolation between business data and personal data, the PNC560 harmonises business security and personal privacy, it therefore acts as one device performing two roles.

    Dual domains

    Powerful Specification

    • QualComm 8-core platform
    • BT 5.0
    • NFC
    Powerful specification copy

    Open App Ecosystem

    • Android 12 ecosystem
    • Third-party applications
    Open app copy

    Triple Cameras

    Captures stable videos and sharp pictures on the move, day or night, near or far.

    • Low-light photography
    • High dynamic range
    • Image stabilisation
    Tripple cameras copy

    6.3-inch FHD+ Full-screen

    • Glove operation
    • Wet-hand operation
    • Clear view under strong light
    Screen copy

    Barcode/QR Code Scanner

    The PNC560 instantly reads barcodes and QR codes.

    • This feature is optional
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    PNC560 XSecure Rugged Device


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