8 Common Two-Way Radio Mistakes

21 June 2016

It’s important to use two-way radios properly, and a little training can go a long way. People often make mistakes that can have an impact on communication or even damage their radios. If you want to save time and money, then make sure you know how to use your radio, how to look after it and also how to communicate effectively. Here’s eight common mistakes people make when using two-way radios.

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1. Talking too quietly

People often don’t realise how quietly they are speaking, and just how much this impacts radio communication. So, try and be aware of the volume of your voice and speak as clearly as you can. This will ensure that you’re fellow team members receive and understand all your communications.

2. Talking too quickly

Many people speak too quickly when communicating by radio, which not only makes it extremely difficult to interpret, but also to digest what they are saying. In stressful situations you may be the temptation to panic and speak really quickly, but this can cause a communication breakdown. Try to say less and speak slowly instead of speaking at a pace that’s hard to follow.

3. Purchasing the wrong model

Here at Hytera, we have a wide range of models available to choose from including special explosion-proof and waterproof radios. It’s important to think about your specific business or personal needs so that you purchase a radio that’s perfect for you. Some businesses purchase Two Way Radios without due consideration for what they will be used for. So, ensure that you choose radios that are fit for their purpose by talking to one of our experts.

4. Interrupting conversations

If someone is in the middle of speaking, don’t try and transmit and interrupt them. Always wait until people having finished their transmission before responding. This helps to ensure clearer communication for all parties.

5. Not training staff

Two-way radios are straightforward to use, providing staff receive adequate training. If you are investing in two-way radios for your staff, it is worth taking the time to give them comprehensive training on how to use them. This will help you and your staff to get the most out of the radios and avoid any communication issues.

6. Not doing regular radio checks

Two-way radios can be extremely robust, however they still need to be checked regularly. If you want your radios to function properly and be reliable, you will need to check things such as the battery charge, the volume and functionality regularly.

7. Assuming all conversations are private

Never assume all your conversations are private, unless you have advanced encryption software. Don’t reveal sensitive information or talk about things that are overly personal via your radio.

8. Not storing them properly

It’s important to store your radios properly to ensure they function at their optimum. Avoid storing them in overly hot, cold or damp areas or in direct sunlight. If you want your radios to last, store them in a cool, dry place.