Hytera's PT890Ex Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio


The PT890Ex Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio features a secure design, durable body, and advanced ergonomics. The PT890Ex provides clear and loud voice quality, extended working hours, and long-distance communication capabilities. Compliant with stringent IECEx explosion-proof standards, it holds IECEx international certifications. This design meets global explosion-proof certification standards, providing reliable safe communication for industries such as oil and gas, fire rescue, airports, manufacturing, and more.

Authoritative IS Certifications

Through the rigorous testing of the globally recognized industry standards, the PT890Ex obtains the IECEx/ATEX certificates, to reduce the risk of accidents, and ensure the safety of users and operators.

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Clear and Loud Voice

With a 2W high-power speaker, the audio is louder. Integrated with AI intelligent noise reduction algorithm, automatic gain control (AGC), and other multiple audio technologies, PT890Ex isolates kinds of noisy backgrounds, and addresses weak sound issues, to make critical voice information clearer and more reliable.

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Extended Coverage

Class 3L transmission power extends the coverage area. Even in remote areas, critical information can be received, reducing coverage blind spots, enabling rapid response, and collaborating timely handling of critical tasks.

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Rock-solid & Long-lasting Battery

Designed with a high-grade battery protection board and a novel battery lock , PT890Ex avoid potential sparks even dropped accidentally, and ensures the safe use of the battery in hazardous circumstances. Additionally, PT890Ex prompt on screen with flashing red LED indicator, effectively addressing the safety risks of non-original batteries. It also adopts a large-capacity intelligent IS battery and power-saving technology design to reduce standby power consumption, meeting the need for extended communication, and allowing seamless shift changes.

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Wider range of operation temperature (in Ex area)

Thanks to new explosion-proof materials and advanced mechanical design, the PT890Ex is built to work under temperatures from –25°C to 60°C in explosion-prone areas. With stable and even heat dissipation, the PT890Ex is engineered to work in extreme conditions, bringing extra safety and efficiency to everyday work.

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The PT890Ex Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio


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