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Located at the border of Italy and France, the Mont Blanc is with 4810 metres the highest mountain of the Alps. A newly opened cablecar allows access to this wonderful paradise in the ice, with views to the famous "4000" of Europe (the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, the Grivola, Gran Paradiso). In spring 2015, after massive changes and construction work, the cablecar was reopened. The new cablecars rotate 360 degrees during travel to give an outstanding view of the exciting landscape.

Hytera solution for the Mont Blanc Skyway cablecar

The cablecar and the Mont Blanc attract many tourists and athletes every year. Therefore a highly reliable communication is essential for safety of visitors and employees and the work efficiency. Together with the partner BPG, Hytera realized a digital DMR radio system that replaces the old analog system. Significant demands for the Mont Blanc cablecars were highly efficient channel usage and best signal coverage for outdoor as well as new indoor areas.

Our mobile solution

The DMR Tier II solution at Mont Blanc consists of RD625 repeaters and PD685 handheld radios. The repeaters are installed at the three stations, configured in IP multisite mode. Inside the stairwell and the tunnel that connect the Torino Hut to Punta Helbronner there are leaky feeder cables installed to ensure full coverage underground.

The unique characteristics of the Hytera products, such as the pseudotrunk functionality offers new and exciting possibilities: It dynamically manages two voice calls on the same frequency and time, doubling the traffic capacity and simplifying operations of users. The VoIP PABX functionality, a standard feature of all Hytera repeaters, allows an advanced and complete integration with the phone system of the customer with dedicated number associated with each radio.

Thanks to the long-term experience in professional radio communications the BPG team met the requirements excellently and completed the system in record time. Today the Skyway Mont Blanc can boast excellent radio coverage from upstream to valley, a reliable communication in all areas and all the benefits of the Hytera DMR radio system.

Highlights of our solution

  • Reliable voice and data communication
  • Efficient solution in terms of costs and with improved functionalities
  • Better call handling, possibility of private and group calls
  • Higher capacity with two simultaneous calls thanks to Pseudotrunking
  • Gateway for VoIP-based PABX calls

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