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Above-ground local traffic in Budapest communicates with TETRA

The provider for the public transportation in Budapest (Budapesti Közlekedési Vállalat, short BKV) operates buses, trolley buses and trams in the city and the region. A vehicle fleet of 2,300 units transports more than 1.27 billion passengers every year. The high traffic volume requires a stable and powerful communication system. Given the high demands on effectiveness and flexibility, we were able to provide the optimal solution. Hence, we replaced an existing analogue mobile radio system in 2013 with our powerful TETRA system.

The public transportation must offer a smooth passenger transport even under maximum utilisation. Our IP-based TETRA mobile radio system offers the BKV a voice and data transmission over the entire route network that is always available and secure. A mobile radio is integrated in every vehicle. Thanks to the user-friendly terminals, the operation is optimally integrated in the day-to-day operating steps of the vehicle drivers. The operating company profits from the low maintenance costs, the flexible expandability and the high frequency usage of our system.

Our Solution

For the BKV, we implemented a customised TETRA mobile radio system ACCESSNET®-T IP. Six base stations with overall 17 carriers are connected to the switching node via the IP backbone. The two IPN switching nodes are switched redundant to each other. Based on the additional geographic redundancy, even the failure of an entire IPN site does not limit the radio operation. The integrated network management system(NMS) continuously monitors all the components of the mobile radio system and analyses the current performance of the network.

Special applications expand the scope of functions of our system: With the help of the NMC-524 Terminal Security Manager, individual devices can remotely be enabled or disabled in an instant. The voice recording system enables a subsequent playback of the transmitted voice and data communication, thereby guaranteeing the traceability of the communication.

To provide passengers an increased comfort, the BKV integrates and extensive passenger information system (e.g. displays inside and outside of the vehicle). A strong point of our solution is the unproblematic connection of external applications to our multifunctional A-CAPI® interface.

Highlights of our solution

  • Complete equipment with IP-based TETRA mobile radio system and Hytera terminals
  • Maximum reliability through redundant system design
  • Fully integrated, powerful network management
  • Connection of external applications via multifunctional A-CAPI® interface

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