• TETRA protects Santo Domingo - public safety in the Dominican Republic

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As an island nation between the Atlantic and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a popular holiday destination. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the capital, Santo Domingo, also attracts countless tourists to the Caribbean metropolis every year.

TETRA radio system for task forces

To guarantee public safety in Santo Domingo and enable task forces to respond quickly, an efficient communication system is indispensable. In 2013, together with Hytera US, Hytera Mobilfunk was commissioned by the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Interior and Police to implement a TETRA radio system for the metropolitan area of Santo Domingo.

A solution that succeeds

A solution that succeedsOur TETRA radio system for the Dominican Republic is part of a complete solution. Together with a camera monitoring system, the solution includes a comprehensive 911 emergency call system that is used for all public security organisation and communication.

A task force of more than 12,000 from the fire brigade, rescue services and disaster control benefit from failsafe communication as well as reliable data transmission, and are in possession of sturdy and high-performance devices with Hytera TETRA handheld radios and Hytera TETRA handheld vehicle radios. Comprehensive control and dispatcher functions help them respond quickly and work efficiently.

Thanks to the high-performance voice and data communication as well as their flexibility of use, the TETRA radio system from Hytera is the ideal solution for the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Interior and Police. The 911 emergency call system enables the efficient, high-level organisation of task forces, improving the safety of citizens.

Our mobile radio solution in detail

For the 911 emergency call system in and around Santo Domingo, Santiago de los Caballeros and the north coast of the country, Hytera implemented an ACCESSNET®-T IP radio system according to the TETRA standard. It currently consists of 56 base stations that are connected to two switching nodes. In addition to an analog-digital gateway, the Hytera radio system can also be connected to the public and internal telephone network as well as the country's emergency call centre.

The considerable flexibility of our solution is demonstrated by its easy integration into the 911 emergency call system. Components and systems from external manufacturers can be easily integrated into the Hytera infrastructure via the multifunctional A-CAPI interface. Even third-party applications can be incorporated into the TETRA radio system with their full scope of functions, using the radio system for data transmission.

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