• The AccorHotels Arena puts on a show with Hytera

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The AccorHotels Arena holds some of the largest cultural and sporting events in Paris, from Metallica and Ennio Morricone to International Gymnastics competitions. For the last year, the AccorHotels Arena has successfully introduced and implemented Hytera technology for its radio communications across the facility.

The Challenge

With a capacity of over 20,000 and ranked as the eighth largest arena in Europe, a top priority for the AccorHotels Arena is the safety, security and enjoyment of everyone who steps foot inside the venue.

Due to the large site, range of working groups and busy, ever changing environments the arena management knew that they wanted a solution which would facilitate instant but clear communication between all employees anytime, anywhere.

AccorHotels approached Paris based Hytera partner Alphacom Sud with four key objectives in mind:

  • Clear communication coverage in all areas of the large site
  • High audio quality in often noisy environments - Capacity to dynamically manage call traffic across nine different teams - Ability to instantly respond in an emergency situation
  • Alphacom Sud are experienced in implementing professional communications solutions across large facilities and multiple user groups, and worked with the AccordHotels Arena team to implement a mixed fleet of Hytera handsets, repeaters And applications.

The Solution

Over the past year, the AccorHotels Arena has adopted Hytera technology and has integrated the digital handsets across the operational team. At the heart of this operation is DMR Smart Dispatch, an essential application for managing and coordinating users on the network, working in conjunction with Hytera XPT, extended pseudo trunking, to improve the capacity and effectively manage call traffic.

Philippe Doliveux, Events & Hire Manager at Alphacom Sud, commented:

“We have approximately 100 Hytera terminals, and the XPT network has nine work groups, supporting events, security, operations, technical and ticketing… the advantage is that we know where people are around the Arena, inside and out, to provide maximum security.”

With 3 x MD785 base stations, 90 PD605 handsets and 10 PD665s, the Hytera estate is significant, and can scale up depending on the needs of each event. Digital technology simplifies and improves operations.

“Hytera offers solid, robust and high-quality products at a great price. The PD6 range is intuitive, well-designed, and with advanced functionality – Lone Worker, GPS, IP67…”

says Philippe Doliveux. What’s more, there is plenty of added value. DMR Smart Dispatch keeps a real-time record of communications so that tasks can be managed during events, with high-quality audio.

“The XPT network has three repeaters. We use three additional RD625 repeaters for major events. This means we guarantee optimal coverage within the building thanks to Hytera digital,”

adds Doliveux.

The Result

Security, both for staff and the public, is of utmost importance to the management team at the Accorhotels Arena. Hytera’s expertise and leading products in this domain ensure the facility working groups can operate in confidence. Clear, critical communications with full site coverage at the touch of a button ensures that the well-being of staff and visitors is never in doubt.

Hytera continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the changing demands of major event arenas such as the Accorhotels Arena, with their authorised partner Alphacom Sud, they are looking to work with other key venues across France.