• Hytera Ensures Smooth Operations in Finland’s Leading Logistics Company

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For logistics company Inex Partners, who deliver fresh food and goods to more than 1,600 outlets in Finland, Estonia and Russia, timing and efficiency is everything. The three Inex Partners logistics centres in Finland are operational day and night, all year round, with more than 600 workers at their latest distribution centre in Sipoo alone.

Smooth operations are essential across the business to ensure Inex Partners can cater for the daily demands of their expanding customer numbers at the S Group stores. Every day approx. 1.2 million items pass through Inex distribution centres.

The Challenge

Across the Inex Partners logistics network, there are thousands of daily interactions between staff. Communication must be efficient, both quick and clear, particularly if there is an issue that could potentially cause delays, such as an electronic crane breakdown, or if employee well-being is compromised. When Juha Teivaala, corporate security manager at Inex Partners, was searching for a communication solution for the new logistics site, Hytera authorised dealer, Kauko, introduced him to the Hytera two-way radio solution he had been looking for.

“When we started designing the new logistics centre I knew that we needed a communication system to make life easier and safer. I was introduced to Hytera and found out that they were better value than the alternatives – even though the specifications were the same and in some cases better. On top of that the devices could be delivered and implemented quickly, which in our case was critical to ensure we had a solution in place ready for our logistic operations to begin.“

The Solution

When setting-up the new distribution centre, Inex Partners decided to future proof their communication system. They invested in Hytera’s XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunk) solution, which is a unique system that allows users to cost-effectively increase capacity as their business expands by simply increasing the number of repeaters. Inex Partners has so far invested in three RD985S repeaters and more than 150 Hytera PD685 and MD785 radios, looking to expand the communication fleet further as the company grows.

“I believe Hytera’s XPT solution is a versatile and reliable communication system which is easy to set up and upscale if needed.“

The digital two-way radio handsets are used by the truck drivers and crane operators picking goods and communicating directly and in talk groups with their colleagues and supervisors. All staff can then utilise the emergency mode functionality in the case of an incident or security breach, ensuring assistance is immediately dispatched to their location.

“I am very happy with the Hytera solution which makes it much faster for my teams to communicate rather than using a regular phone. The quality of the audio was a big surprise to me – it was so much better than I had expected. Also, the possibility of dividing the users into different groups is very useful for us. Should a fire occur, the emergency group can react immediately.“

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