• Make Konya Connected Everywhere

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Konya is the largest province of Turkey with an area of over 41,000 km2. It is divided into thirty-one districts and has a population of more than 2 million. Situated on a plateau of Anatolia, Konya province suffers extreme temperature differences between winter and summer, and day and night.

Braving the snow

Typically, winter on the Anatolian plateau is especially severe. Konya struggled with heavy snow fall at the beginning of 2015. In order to deliver the installation on time, Hytera and their local partner braved the snow and built a dozen antenna towers and plant rooms under snow-covered mountains.

Due to the scattered networks, and even no network link devices in some areas, the original infrastructure of Konya province is extremely limited. However, given the growing population and municipal development, Konya council hopes to build a professional and reliable network. They wanted this network to have a full signal coverage in every part of the province, in order to eventually achieve interconnection and full dispatching within the province.

“Mission-critical communication was getting more important in parallel with the rapid development of Konya Province. Therefore we were supposed to take a critical decision to enhance our communication network and the Hytera DMR Trunking system has offered a complete solution for us.”
Manager of Communication System Department – Konya Municipality

Connected, everywhere

Briefed with a full understanding of the customer's requirements for future expansion, the Hytera team and Nevada Elektronik, a valuable partner of Hytera in Turkey, proposed the turnkey solution of a Hytera DMR trunking lite system to Konya city council.

750 PD78XG portable terminals, 400 MD78XG mobile terminals and 15 DS-6211 trunking base stations were deployed across different departments of 31 districts such as government offices, firefighting bureaus, emergency medical services centres, and urban management offices etc.

The first DMR trunking system deployed in Turkey ensured full coverage and connectivity for Konya.


  1. In order to improve connectivity between officials (using telephone) and border staff (using radios), the Hytera DMR trunking system makes all terminals connected to the SIP telephone system in the building.
  2. Voice recording and replay lets officials track & monitor voice and data communication.
  3. The Automatic Vehicle Location function is based on an online/offline digital map which locates terminals in real time.
  4. The dispatch workstation offers smart system communication management, which includes individual call, group call and short message. Flexible Group patch and DGNA ensures emergency calls for different groups such as firefighting and emergency medical departments. They are easily dispatched, especially in emergency situations.
  5. Due to the new antenna towers and solid plant rooms, better coverage and clearer voice communication can be guaranteed even in the harsh environment of Konya.

“I would like to say that we have spent excellent times with Hytera engineers; we have worked as a team. I can see that they are wholly devoted to this project. I will never forget how they fought against the heavy snowfall during the installation. Now, we are more than ready for our next missions with all our public safety teams and we are happy with Hytera radios. Thanks.”

Manager of Communication System Department
Konya Municipality