• Hytera Supplies Daqing Public Security Bureau With High Quality DMR

    Search and Rescue | Brand Story

Daqing is a city in the North-East of China, and is known as China's Oil Capital since the discovery of massive amounts of oil in 1959. The name Daqing literally means "Great Celebration". The city has always played a major role in industrial China - it was even celebrated in a 1970s film called Entrepreneurial Pioneers. Hytera was contacted by the Daqing Public Security Bureau to upgrade its communications system to the Hytera DMR Trunking Pro in 2012.

Analogue limitations

The existing system was an analogue trunking system built in 2005, covering five districts and four counties. With an increase in the number of natural disasters and public emergencies, the analogue system could no longer meet their high requirements which included emergency command and dispatching, as well as efficient management of police resources.

The decision to upgrade was made in order to improve the police trunking communication system, enhance the visualised command capability and quicken joint action and emergency response.

The Hytera DMR Trunking Pro system included 24 DS-6210 DMR Trunking Base Stations.

Besides poor audio quality, the existing analog system could not support many advanced operation requirements such as visualised dispatching, whole network voice recording and alarm analysis, which restricted the work of the police.

To fully understand the customer demands in daily operation and emergencies, Hytera offered the following solutions:

  1. Hytera provided Daqing Public Security Bureau Hytera DMR Trunking Pro. 24 DS-6210 Trunking Base Stations were connected via IP linking with MSO to establish the entire communication network.
  2. The system provided many advanced applications such as dispatching, network management, PSTN, and whole network voice recording to meet the customer's new requirements.
  3. The digital trunking system terminal was featured with GPS positioning functionality. Scene location information could be sent to the command centre to offer visualised command.
  4. With over 5,000 mobile terminals, the command centre can achieve real-time monitoring of an end-user's duty status through visualised dispatching and SMS alarm functions.
  5. Through DMR-MPT wired gateway, the newly built digital system could be connected to the original analog MPT system.

Technology highlights

  • The digital base station was built at the same location with an analog base station to bring digital-to analog system interoperability through wired internet.
  • Support remote upgrade, easy to maintain and repair.
  • GPS high-speed data upload. Supports 1,000 positioning data uploads per minute.
  • Intelligently distributes channels with the digital trunking system in a wide range of group calls. Only assigns channels to specific base stations in which group subscribers exist, which greatly improves channel usage.
  • Visualised dispatching and SMS alarms. With GPS positioning functionality, the system can automatically send alarm analysis to end users, achieving rapid and correct information delivery.
  • Access safely to the public security network to realise system management and dispatching. Allocate resources of remote management and dispatching terminal through the network.
  • Featured with alarm analysis and intelligent management, the command centre can visualise and analyse the overall incident and allocate police force more efficiently.
  • With patented cross-zone handover technology, the call will not be interrupted even in a fast-marching fleet.