Multi-mode Radios for Airport Infrastructure

Reliable coverage between groups

Airports must have reliable and secure communications to enable them to function efficiently. For this reason, most airports will have an existing narrowband network, such as DMR or TETRA. However, the airport may need to expand capacity, boost indoor coverage, or communicate with organisations and groups of users who do not have access to the narrowband network.

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Extending the network

Mullti-mode advanced radios can be used to extend the network beyond range of the LMR system by using broadband networks to infill blind spots or to provide coverage inside buildings and to enable users who do not have a two-way radio to communicate with LMR users.

Adding more PMR infrastructure is not a particularly cheap option, but nor is installing 4G small cells to distribute the signal inside airport buildings and underground areas if modern building materials are blocking the cellular signal from outside. However, most airport buildings already have Wi-Fi everywhere, which provides a flexible broadband alternative. When a user enters an airport building the multi-mode radio simply roams automatically onto the Wi-Fi network and users can communicate with colleagues by pressing the PTT button as usual and without having to worry about manually switching the radio over to the other technology.

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