Keeping the field workforce safe and productive - in any location

From desolate rural settings to busy urban conurbations, we make it easy to overcome the communication barriers that get in the way of workers operating effectively and safely in the field.

Hytera successfully provides the always-on connectivity, exceptional audio clarity and data transmission capabilities that utility companies need to efficiently manage and dispatch staff to undertake new infrastructure projects or repair operations. Our feature-rich handsets enable round-the-clock monitoring that protects lone workers at remote locations or installations – including GPS that makes it easy to locate staff immediately in the event of an incident.

Created with Sketch. INTELLIGENT AUDIO

Combining noise cancelling technology to remove nuisance noise from the transmission, with powerful speakers to deliver clear communications.

Created with Sketch. GPS

Enabling location based services to improve safety and control.

Created with Sketch. EMERGENCY MODE

Raise an alarm with top priority to a base station or to other radios with the pre-programmed emergency mode, identifying the ID of the person issuing the alarm. Also receive emergency notifications.

Created with Sketch. PSEUDO TRUNKING

Using pseudo-trunking, a Hytera patented technology, slots can be shared to improve capacity usage with transmissions either direct to handset or to repeater.

Created with Sketch. MAN DOWN

This feature will let you know if the radio has been tilted past a certain angle. This may happen for instance if the radio user has fallen over or is unconscious or injured. The alarm will be triggered after a warning is issued to the user.

Created with Sketch. XPT

Hytera XPT (Extended Pseudo Trunking) enables you to use limited spectrum resources more efficiently, dynamically assigning channel resource without needing a dedicated control channel.

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