Hytera unveils Next Generation H Series high performance DMR terminals

27 October 2021

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Hytera’s ground-breaking H7 and H6 Series of DMR terminals integrate the latest advances in hardware and software technology to put ultra-reliable, highly ergonomic radios with greatly enhanced functionality into the hands of critical communications users.

Hytera is delighted to announce the launch of its next generation H Series of DMR terminals, which are designed to meet the increasingly complex and demanding communication challenges facing public safety, energy, transportation, utilities, commercial and other industry verticals.

The newly developed hardware platform and software architecture delivers improved radio performance and optimises the user experience to provide more intuitive, practical, and easy to operate functionality. This allows users to focus on the task in hand and provide better, safer and more efficient outcomes for the organisations and communities they serve.

The new hand portables comprise the H7 Series (HP785 / HP705) and the H6 Series (HP685 / HP605) radios. They are more compact, lighter and deliver increased battery capacity and battery life. The radios provide enhanced audio clarity and loudness thanks to a combination of high-performance speakers and DSP algorithm, while embedded AI noise cancellation makes the audio even clearer.

Other innovations include using the vibration of the speaker to expel water through a specially designed cavity to ensure clear audio even in pouring rain. Direct mode communication range is extended by 25% in open environments, while signal quality is improved at the edge of the network when in trunking mode.

The HM785 mobile radio delivers similar performance enhancements as the portable terminals. New highlights include an optimised control head-mounting solution, which supports flexible deployment options. The addition of an Ethernet port allows the radio to function as a gateway for narrowband networking, while also making it much easier to cooperate with third-party companies and platforms to add new features.

The HR1065 compact digital repeater completes the latest line up. Despite being half the size of its predecessor, Hytera has managed to integrate a telephone gateway, router and power adapter inside this versatile repeater to provide an all-in-one solution.

Hytera users depend on the ingenuity and advancement only Hytera can deliver on, to help them carry out the most demanding tasks in challenging environments. Hytera’s H Series solutions are designed for optimum performance that is more powerful, more capable, and even easier to use than ever before, enabling users to respond and achieve.