Care Tips For Two Way Radios

28 July 2016

If you want your two-way radio to function at its best, and to stand the test of time, you need to take good care of it. In many situations it’s essential that two-way radios remain functional, and that’s why you should always follow manufacturer’s guidelines and look after your radio. If you have distributed radios to your employees, it’s definitely worth educating them about how to store, use and maintain their radio properly. Improper use can result in radios being unnecessarily damaged and cause problems. Here’s a few basic care tips for two-way radios, to help keep yours in tip-top condition.

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Storing your radio

Firstly, you need to store your radio correctly, to keep it in good condition whilst not in use. Store your radio in a cool, dry place (ideally at room temperature). Keep your radio out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. When you are storing your radio, make sure it is turned off and the batteries are removed.

Charging your radio

It’s crucial that you only use batteries and chargers that are compatible with your device, as using chargers that aren’t compatible can damage your radio. Also overcharging your radio can cause problems and have an impact on its overall battery life, so make sure when it is fully charged you unplug the charger. Don’t leave it charging overnight if it’s likely to remain fully charged for a long time whilst still being charged.

Day to day use

Radios users also need to be mindful of their day to day use. Although some radios are designed to be very robust, like our waterproof two way radios and explosion proof radios, they should still always be treated with care. Don’t intentionally throw your radio about everywhere and be careless with it because it seems very durable.

  • Avoid grabbing your radio by the antenna, as it will eventually have an impact on your radio’s signal and transmission quality.
  • Only use accessories that are made specifically for your brand of radio, as incompatible accessories can cause damage and functionality problems.
  • Don’t expose your radio to solvents or extreme hot or cold conditions (unless they are designed to be used in harsh conditions) unless absolutely necessary.
  • Try to keep your radio dry and away from moisture.

Cleaning your radio

Don’t use any industrial cleaners or cleaning sprays to wipe down your radio, as the chemicals could damage them. Simply wipe them down with a cloth and make sure there’s no dust build-up. If you do take your radio out in dirty or dusty conditions (we do have dirt and dust proof radios available for those that work in more extreme conditions), then consider giving them a wipe down when you get in from work.

If you do have any specific questions about how to look after your two-way radio, please do not hesitate to get in touch or give our experts a call. We can provide you with all the information you need to keep your radio in top condition.