Black Friday and Christmas Rush - Hytera PoC terminals enhance e-retailer and logistics productivity

16 November 2020

Black Friday and the run-up to Christmas already place increased demand on e-retailers, but the restrictions imposed by the second lockdown means more people are turning to online shopping. This puts even more pressure on the operational effectiveness of e-commerce supply chains, warehouses, distribution centres and the delivery transportation sector.

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Good customer service is the most important aspect of e-commerce. The key challenge is order fulfilment and meeting customer expectations in a highly competitive environment. That means providing a fast delivery service, flexible delivery offerings, and real-time track-and-trace capabilities.

E-retailers need to have a highly organised warehouse where it is easy for pickers and packers to swiftly locate, pick and dispatch products. Deliveries need to be efficiently organised to ensure drivers do not have to travel unnecessary distances between customers.

All of this places a huge strain on existing resource capacity. The key to coping with the increased pressure is to ensure good communications between the e-retailer, upstream shippers and the downstream supply chain.

Hytera Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices provide the perfect communication solution for the e-commerce and logistics industry. PoC radios combine instant PMR-style push-to-talk (PTT) technology and wide area 2G, 3G, 4G and WLAN networks to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The PDC550 is both a rugged 4G PTT radio and a smartphone, so users can communicate with PMR, PoC and smartphone terminals, which makes it ideal for managers, depot and warehouse staff. Companies can install workflow management, shift scheduling, pick and pack and fleet management apps onto the device for a more efficient service.

The rugged PNC380 device is ideal for delivery drivers, as it provides a PTT 4G service in the depot and also out on the road.

The integrated GPS enables supervisors to locate and track drivers to provide real-time awareness of vehicle location and delivery status. The device has a mobile Sim card, so drivers can call customers directly to keep them informed, thereby providing better customer service.