Are Hytera's Two Way Radios Waterproof?

16 November 2018

There are some situations where a completely waterproof two-way radio is necessary. If you work around water, then you need a radio that can continue to function even if it is totally submerged. From watersports businesses and those working on boats and ships, to lifeguards and extreme watersports, our radios are used in all sorts of environments where water is present.

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Hytera waterproof radios

So, are Hytera’s two way radios waterproof? Yes, some of our radios are totally waterproof. Want to see the proof? Check out this video, which features the PD788 & X1e.

It shows the radio being placed in a glass of water so that it is fully submerged. The radio then switches on and you can clearly hear the sound, despite the fact that it’s underwater. This creates fantastic opportunities for those working in and around water.

Not all radios are completely waterproof, they might be water-resistant, which means they can withstand spray and small amounts of moisture. It’s important to make enquiries and find out whether a radio is 100% waterproof, and if so, what depth it can be submerged to.

Often in water-based environments, safety is of paramount importance. The last thing you want in an emergency situation is to have a radio that doesn’t work because it has been compromised by water. You need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively no matter what conditions you work in.

Unfortunately sometimes radios can get dropped in water, especially if you are working in an aquatic environment. It’s so easy to accidentally drop a radio, which is why if you work near water, you should probably invest in robust waterproof radios.

Rain is also a problem for a lot of businesses who have people working outside, sometimes adverse weather conditions can get in the way of communications, but that won’t happen if you have a reliable waterproof radio.

Your team can continue to work no matter what the weather throws at them, because you know your radios will survive the storm. The PD605 for example, will continue to work if submerged in water. If you don’t want to invest in a waterproof radio, you can always purchase a waterproof bag.

Dust and dirt proof radios

Hytera also make dirt and dust proof radios, for those that work in harsh and occasionally dirty conditions. Some radios simply won’t work if they get covered in dirt and dust particles, or if they do continue to work, you can’t really hear much as the sound is compromised. If you require dust proof radios contact your local dealer now and they will help you find a product that’s suitable.

Explosion proof radios

You may think waterproof radios are pretty awesome, but we also have a range of explosion-proof radios. Explosion-proof radios are particularly crucial in the oil and gas sector, where explosions can occasionally occur, and communication needs to be maintained to enable safety procedures to be carried out.

Learn more about our waterproof radios and find the best handset for your needs on our Two Way Radios information page.