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Pan Pac Forest Products Limited is a fully integrated forestry / timber products company, located in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand. The Forestry and Logistics division of Pan Pac Forest Products provides the wood needed by Pan Pac's Pulp and Lumber divisions. Pan Pac manages 33,500 hectares of forest, from planting through to harvesting, transport and marketing the logs. When Pan Pac needed to upgrade their existing conventional analogue network, they chose to partner with iNet, a regional network operator using Hytera DMR products.

Customer challenges

Pan Pac's operational area covers a very large geographical region that is extremely difficult to provide coverage over due to the terrain being heavily forested and hilly. Therefore, managing the safety of Pan Pac's forestry workers and contractors during the harvesting and transportation of the wood products used by Pan Pac's Pulp and Lumber divisions is of great importance to Pan Pac's management team.

Ensuring the centralised dispatch office can communicate with the entire transportation fleet on an “all informed basis” over a large geographical region is the first challenge for the new network. Secondly, all conversations initiated from individual drivers needs to be relayed over the entire network.

This all-informed requirement ensures all operators within the wide area forestry operation know what is happening.

In addition to all-informed voice communications, the Pan Pac Dispatch office needs to know precisely where their logging vehicles are.

Hytera's solution - a four-site Tier II DMR network

A local regional network operator worked with the Hytera's New Zealand Distributor, Logic Wireless, to design and install a four site Tier II DMR network. The network and centralised dispatch software were designed to ensure all Pan Pac employees and contractors had all-informed voice communications across the entire four-site network.

To achieve the coverage required by Pan Pac, a mixture of IP linking and RF linking was required. In addition to reliable voice communications, the configuration of the Hytera DMR radios also provided up-to-date radio registration services, GPS location updates and text messaging.

The centralised dispatch application provides a single PC-based application to report and record all voice communications, location updates and messages sent over the network.

Values brought by Hytera's solution

The Hytera DMR radio system provided for Pan Pac Forest Products has given them a significant number of benefits over their old conventional analogue network.

  • All-informed communications helps users - there is no need to change channel.
  • Upgrade to two channels to carry double voice and data services.
  • GPS location updates for all forestry vehicles.
  • Centralised dispatch application records all activities over the network.

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