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Since 2011 the cycling team, Team VéloCONCEPT, has been one of the best Danish teams on the circuit. During this period the team has won multiple UCI-races, Danish championships and nurtured some of the best Danish talents to compete in the WorldTour. Recently taken over by Riis Seier Project, the ambition is to create Denmark’s most attractive and innovative cycling team – and it all starts with great communication. Marginal gains are critical, so the radio communication has to be flawless, which is exactly why the cycling team decided to upgrade to digital radio equipment. As a result, the squad acquired 25 PD365 handsets and 3 MD655 mobiles from Hytera through radio supplier Midtkom.

The Challenge

Until recently, communication was a huge problem for Team VéloCONCEPT, because they were operating old fashioned analogue radios, struggling with signal and reliability. The cycling team frequently had difficulties hearing each other because of the wind and noise that was transmitted through their old fleet of analogue handsets. For Team VéloCONCEPT this just wasn’t good enough, as a professional cycling team, it is vital to maintain constant contact and full control over the riders from the beginning to the end. Especially in races where there is a lot at stake – both in terms of silverware and also financially.

The Solution

Team VéloCONCEPT soon became aware of the fact that they had to change their analogue radios and invest in new, modern, digital radio equipment. Hence they reached out to their radio supplier, Midtkom, who recommended Hytera solutions because of their strong coverage and reliability. The Hytera PD365 handsets and MD655 mobile units proved to be exactly what the team were looking for, delivering clear, reliable coverage and satisfying the cycling team. Migration to the new devices was simple, intuitive and the compact form factor makes it the ideal communication companion.

Using Hytera for alternative events

Beside using Hytera for the professionel riders, Team VéloCONCEPT as a part of the Riis Seier Project are also utilising the digital radios in corporate events when business executives want to race like professionals. The events are a growing part of Riis Seier Project’s business where the executives get the chance to race with the best gear and the best radio equipment used by professionals. For the business executives, it is also important to be safe when riding in mountains and other challenging places, as it can be dangerous from time to time. With Hytera, Riis Seier Project can always be in touch with their guests and vice versa.

Our old radios just weren’t reliable enough and you need that when handling a big cycling team. You can’t suddenly lose contact with your riders in the middle of a race, or even when training. We needed a reliable radio that has a strong and clear signal and Hytera was exactly what we were searching for. I can highly recommend it to anyone – regardless of which industry you’re in, Hytera always meets your communication needs.

Michael Skelde, Sports Director

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