• Hytera Secured CICA 2019 in Tajikistan

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The 5th summit of Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA 2019)was held in Dushanbe, the capital city of Tajikistan, on 15th June. Hytera provided security withprofessional communication equipment and technical service for CICA 2019.


CICA is an inter-governmental forum for enhancing cooperation towards promoting peace, security and stability in Asia. China, as a founding member of CICA, always participant in the process, pay attention to peace and security development in Asia. Local government believed Hytera and chose Hytera's professional communication solutions and series of terminal devices with stable communication and advanced technology.

The Challenge

More than 30 heads of government have gathered in the Dushanbe, which means this international summit strictly required a high level communication system and security guarantee. As local costumers were lack of experience holding important summits, Interior Ministry of Dushanbe faced the problem that original analog network couldn't reach wide coverage of important areas in and around Dushanbe. Their previous call capacity was not enough. Previous systems and equipment can't meet the standard of grand international events.

The Solution

To meet the strict requirement of security for CICA 2019, Hytera supplied reliable TETRA private network solution for CICA 2019. A series of base stations signal covered important areas in and around Dushanbe. The TETRA system has large network capacity, low frequency resource requirement, high encryption level and it can enlarge the coverage of every single base station by multiple diversity reception. Hytera's Integrated Command & Control Solution (ICC) with Major Event Security System (MESS), Visual Command System (VCS) and Professional Unified Communication (PUC) platform also played important roles that couldn't be ignored. During the preparation before the summit, Hytera's Major Event Security System provided pre-event scheme, route planning and security scenes to prevent emergencies. Visual Command System provided dispatchers a comprehensive view of incident status and available resource. It helped customers make accurate decisions and rapid responses in case of emergency. The Professional Unified Communication platform supported interconnection and unified voice dispatch across TETRA private network and local CCTV. It could real time monitor every scene and ensured the success of summit.

In addition, Hytera also provided a series of terminal devices with stable communication including PT580H Plus, MT680 Plus and PTC760. So as to realize real-time positioning, voice video group calling between terminals and dispatching, and can achieve end-to-end visual dispatching. In order to get well previous preparation, Hytera set up a CICA project team, ensured the stable operation of all systems. Local employees stick to their posts, completed equipment transportation, installation and debugging and guaranteed smooth communication and security.

The Results

According to the local network status, combined with customer needs, Hytera greatly improved Dushanbe's security operations, provided strong security for CICA 2019. After the summit, all equipment and systems will be left for Dushanbe government to improve the efficiency of urban management and ensure urban safety. The customers were satisfied with the communication service provided by Hytera, praised Hytera's employees who gave them professional technical assistance. They said that the new equipment could help Dushanbe improve the efficiency of urban management and daily police work. This project has been rated as a sample project of public safety area in Tajikistan. Dushanbe can host similar major event in the future. It can provide a reference meaning to customers in Central Asia markets.

Voice from Customers

“Thanks to Hytera for providing us Tetra system and communication equipment, which helped Interior Ministry successfully complete the highest level security during CICA summit in Dushanbe."
——Giyoev Sobirjon, Head of Communications Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs