• Hytera Provides TETRA Technology for Military Police in Brasilia

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The Military Police of Federal District (PMDF) is the law enforcement agency responsible for ostensive policing and the preservation of public order in the Brazilian Federal District. With over 13,000 police officers, PMDF can also exercise auxiliary power function and reserve the Brazilian Army.

Our Solution

At the end of 2015, Hytera successfully deployed more than 3,000 flagship TETRA portable terminals Z1p and mobile TETRA radios MT680 to PMDF in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, for PMDF's routine and special operations. About 1,600 TETRA mobile radios MT680 were installed in police vehicle, 150 MT680 were in the rooms of battalions and the portable radios were divided into 107 group calls for policemen and commander. Hytera supplied the full scope of the bid through its Brazilian subsidiary-support for the customer. Besides the equipment, the company also provided services, training and installation support for the customer. Hytera has developed the remote multi program for PDMF's special requirement, and the 3W RF transmit power of Z1p, which is higher than other bidders.

Now police officers of the PMDF will be empowered with the leading edge technology from Hytera and will be able to provide better services for the people in Brasilia.

Coronel Nunes, General Commander of PMDF

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