• Game, Set & Match to Hytera at the 2015 US Open

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With Novak Djokovic winning his second US Open title on September 14th (GMT +8), the Grand Slam tournament came to an end. In the background, Hytera, a world leading solution provider of professional mobile radio communications, helped ESPN provide a smooth and successful live broadcast for the 14-day tennis tournament with its latest XPT Digital Trunking solution.

As the primary broadcaster of the tournament, ESPN has to broadcast over 40 games to US and international audiences.

Considering the practical needs of the broadcaster, Hytera, partnering with MCL, deployed the XPT Digital Trunking solution with 8 carriers and a secondary 7 carrier system, 1200 DMR-handheld PD785 radios, for a total of 90 talk groups to successfully facilitate the ESPN broadcast.

Hytera XPT Digital Trunking was launched at the International Wireless Communications Expo in March this year. The newly launched product helps customers double their capacity while leveraging their current spectrum resource, in ways that are simpler and much less expensive than other market options.