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ASA Transport AB is a courier service with a strong presence in Stockholm. Since 1995, professional mobile radio (PMR) has been an obvious addition to the cell phone; it is an important tool for quick and instant communication between courier drivers and the control centre. PMR is used for everything from guiding drivers to calling out corrections on driving orders. When the analog system used was becoming outdated and harder to maintain, ASA started to look for a digital solution. The positioning function and text messages were seen as more significant benefits with DMR Radio.

How Hytera helps improve customer service

ASA uses vehicle-mounted terminals PD78XG and MD78XG, from Hytera supplied by Zodiac Sweden AB, connected to an external GPS antenna. The command centre uses a Hytera dispatch system.

One of the most tangible benefits is that the new system improves the way the business works. The built-in flexibility in the command centre reduces stress for the operators and helps them to give better service to the drivers.

ASA uses a mobile based system with hand-held computers in order to send work orders, receipts and positioning feedback to the ordering system.

However mobile networks are not always 100% stable. The same network is used for professional and private data as well as pure entertainment purposes. The Hytera dispatch system allows operators to send text messages to DMR terminals, such as transport orders.

This acts as a backup if the mobile network is down.

Secure, encrypted and stress-free

Systems based on digital radios serve millions of professional users every day and guarantee security for businesses, employees and the public alike. In addition to a need for immediate and rapid voice communication, these users also need access to secure and encrypted information as well as opportunities for data communication.

ASA's central resources management works with three voice channels where one consists of an auxiliary channel. Previously there was one traffic controller per channel, which can be stressful for a traffic controller when meeting high traffic tasks at one channel.

The new digital solution reduces stress for traffic managers substantially, since the central management can balance available resources internally.

Private call support

One of big advantages is the ability to invoke a single radio and avoid other radios for a private conversation. There are many examples of situations where both the driver and control centre want or need to talk privately. It is smoother, and in several aspects safer, to do this via radio link than through the phone.

GPS positioning

Thanks to the GPS positioning via radio terminals, traffic control has a back-up as the cars can be "plotted" on Google maps. Another advantage Jonas Andersson, radio communications manager at ASA, finds with digital is that traffic managers are no longer tied to a physical radio. Today, traffic management sit more freely positioned where all communication is handled in traffic controller's computers.

“For us there were many obvious advantages for switching to a digital solution. Any professional knows that the mobile network goes down a couple of times a year. For us this means that we do not get our work orders out and we quickly lose control of the cars. Thanks to the positioning via radio terminals, the traffic control has a back up as the cars can be 'plotted' on Google maps.”

Jonas Andersson, Radio Communications Manager
ASA Sweden