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Worker Safety - More Than Just a Radio

Hytera carried out research with Health and Safety at Work magazine to understand how businesses protect employees at work, and their use of technology to achieve this objective.

The results painted a concerning picture, with many employees being sent to work on their own in remote locations or hazardous conditions without fail-safe communications equipment.

In many cases, workers were found to be carrying equipment that just isn't up to the job. Worse still - they are carrying multiple tools, none of which are comparable to the capabilities offered by a single two-way radio.

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What you'll learn

This White Paper evaluates the research findings in the context of today’s modern workplaces that typically features disparate workforces operating in challenging or hazardous working conditions. It also sets out a migration roadmap for organisations looking to make the journey to next-generation DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) systems that guarantee instant communication and provide greater worker safety.

You will discover:

  • How employees are being put at risk by a lack of appropriate technology
  • Why mobile phones can't be relied upon for safety-critical communications
  • How two-way radio safety features can be exploited to protect employees