E-pack200 DMR

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diagram indicating highlights of E-pack200 DMR

Reliable Quality

Hytera E-pack200 is strictly compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards and water and dust-proof rating to IP67, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh environments.

More antennas than you see

Built-in LTE, WiFi and GPS antenna

Antennas for dual mode operation

Visible dual narrowband antennas to support independent dual-channel operation

Power, Work Status and Channel Indicators

Indicates whether the device is in opration, normal operation mode or alarm operation mode and which channels are in operation.

Battery Life Indicator

One-touch to view remaining battery capacity

Power Supply Port and Palm Microphone Jack

For connecting a power supply to charge the battery or to operate without a battery. The Palm Microphone Jack allows local operation.

Dual Channel Working

Supports two independant communication links.

Wi-Fi communication

Enables wireless programming via WiFi connection.


Ergo-20x20 Fast deployment, create network in seconds

In emergency situations, every second counts. The E-pack200 repeater supports push-to-start for quickly and automatically establishing an independent network after power-on so as to efficiently extend radio coverage.

Created with Sketch. Dual Channel Voice Transmit

The repeater can repeat voice services on two channels simultaneously using 4 independent carrier frequencies (channel spacing: 12.5 kHz).

Created with Sketch. Remote management, keep networking status always known

The ad hoc network created by the E-pack200 repeaters can be monitored by the network management system including the network topologies and the electric field strength of the E-pack200.

Created with Sketch. Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking

The Hytera E-pack200 can create a wireless ad-hoc network, in which there are a maximum of 31 nodes. The ad-hoc network is self-configuring and dynamic in which E-pack nodes are free to move.

Created with Sketch. Blind Area Coverage

Due to the high output power of the E-pack200, communications will not be affected by the topology of the area, different floors or obstacles etc.

Created with Sketch. Free of any IP link, flexible topology networking

The repeater adopts wireless interconnection technology to quickly create multi-hop narrowband networks through cascading connection, free of any IP link such as fiber optic and microwave.

StayConnected-0x20 LTE link as backup, offer a ways-reliable communication solution

When the PMR network is down, the E-pack200 repeater with a SlM card can keep repeating calls or data over the LTE network. Also, it can access the command and dispatch system.

Created with Sketch. Data encryption, protect data and device

The E-pack200 repeater has multiple security mechanisms such as authentication, software and hardware encryption to protect the data and privacy. It can be disabled temporarily or permanently through the dispatch and command system to prevent unauthorized access.

Accessories for E-pack200 DMR

Included as standard with E-pack200 DMR Included as standard with E-pack200 DMR

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Technical Specifications


400-470 MHz
DMR Tier ll
Networking capacity
Channel spacing
12.5 kHz
Rated voltage
14.8 V DC
Current consumption
< 1 A (standby)
< 2.5 A (at 20W transmit power)
Battery capacity
148 Wh
Charging time
Rapid charge 2h 80%; 3h fully charged
Battery life
About 9 hours (15–85 duty cycle)
Frequency stability
±0.5 ppm
Antenna impedance
50 Ω
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm
211 x 62 x 235
3.1 kg (with battery)


Static sensitivity
-122 dBm @ 5% BER
Adjacent channel selectivity
ETSI: 60 dB @12.5 kHz / 70 dB @25 kHz
Intermodulation response rejection
≥ 70 dB
Spurious response rejection
≥ 70 dB
84 dB
Conducted spurious emission
-57 dBm (at 9 kHz to 1 GHz)
-47 dBm (at 1 GHz to 12.75 GHz)


Output power
1W / 5W / 10W (per way)
Adjacent channel power
60 dB @12.5 kHz
70 dB @25 kHz
Vocoder type


Operating temperature
-30°C to +60°C
Storage temperature
-40°C to +85°C
IEC 61000-4-2 (level 4)
±8 kV (contact discharge)
±15 kV (air discharge)
Waterproof & Dustproof
Shock and Vibration

Location Service

TTFF (time to first fix) cold start
< 1 minute
TTFF (time to first fix) hot start
< 10 seconds
Horizontal accuracy
< 10 meters
Suitable for long-term tracking (5 satellites visible at the rated signal strength of -130 dBm)