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The Potential of DMR

Hytera carried out research with Facilities Management Journal to understand how businesses are using two-way radio systems across their organisations.

We discovered a picture of traditional and often ineffective radio-to-radio usage across the UK, with departments unknowingly accepting operational weaknesses and failing to utilise key safety features, easily solved and implemented with the latest digital radio solutions.

What was clear is that facilities managers were keen to learn about innovation in the market, highlighting a growing desire to move towards upgraded digital systems which offer improved security and greater integration with other communication platforms.

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What's in this guide?

This report provides you with insight into radio usage across some of the biggest sites in the UK, outlining the path forward for next-generation two-way radios and the steps businesses can take to upgrade their communications to provide employees with the tools to drive a safer, more efficient workforce.

You will discover:

  • The common two-way radio challenges faced by Facilities Managers
  • How employees are being placed at risk, the pitfalls you should avoid
  • How under-utilised safety features can help fulfil your requirements
  • The future requests from Facilities Managers and the innovative systems and solutions that can deliver your business critical communications