Oil and Gas Communications Report

The Oil and Gas industry nurtures a very strong safety culture under even the most benign circumstances, but in these remote regions the operational, environmental and regulatory risk is that much higher.

Companies need to instigate even more rigorous safety regimes to protect their infrastructure and to ensure the safety of their workers. Intrinsically Safe Atex Communications equipment plays a critical role in delivering safe and efficient operations.

In this report we investigate some of the key areas that industry professionals need to take on board when specifying a two-way radio communication solution in the Oil and Gas industry.

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What You'll Learn

This report provides an overview of the oil and gas industry, highlighting the safety critical standards and the importance of reliable communications. It also sets out what you need to think about when selecting your next communication solution, with recommendations on critical features and supporting accessories.

You will discover:

  • The envrionmental challenges and get an understanding of the standards for intrinsically safe radios and accessories.
  • The advantages of PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) ATEX Networks, delivering critical communications.
  • How PMR can be integrated as part of a unified network to improve situational awareness.
  • The latest Hytera professional digital radio options for your oil and gas communication requirements.