Stay on track with reliable communication solutions for Motorsport from Hytera

5 July 2022

The use of two-way radios in Motorsport is critical, whether you’re part of the pit crew, guest services, ticketing, security, or some other part of an operations team.

Hytera motorsport Brand Image

The use of Two-Way Digital Radios enable teams like trackside and emergency crews to all focus on what’s happening out on the track for the safety of the drivers and overall efficiency and management of the pit crew teams.

Using two-way radio communications for motorsport events is an efficient and practical way to get information right when you need it at the touch of a button. This allows staff and teams to effectively communicate when every second counts.

Robust and reliable two-way Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) and Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) devices from Hytera not only provide superior communications, they also double up as personal safety devices.

Good hand portable radios for motorsports include the next generation Hytera H Series of terminals, which are more compact, lighter and deliver increased battery capacity and battery life to last a full day's racing. The radios also deliver enhanced audio clarity and loudness thanks to a combination of high-performance speakers and noise cancellation technology - a key feature in such a noisy sport. To ensure there is enough capacity to support multiple radio channels a Hytera DMR Tier III trunked network is recommended. This will provide greater flexibility than a conventional DMR system and is easily expandable to meet increased demand.

Hytera push-to-talk (PTT) radios deliver almost instant connectivity with emergency, security and even event staff, enabling them to quickly organise a coordinated response to any incident and to send help. Hytera radios are highly robust and able to withstand tough environments. Noise cancelling technology ensures clear, loud audio, so messages are not missed, especially since the Motorsport environments can be excessively noisy.

Motorsports take place outdoors, so it is also essential that radios and accessories are highly robust and tough enough to withstand multiple knocks, drops and vibration. They also need to be weatherproof against dust and, of course, water. Hytera devices are specifically designed to meet these requirements so along with a radio, you will also want to consider a headset or earpiece kit. With the loud noise of the racetrack, it is recommended that you consider something that is capable of providing noise cancellation. Hytera’s range of accessories are available including handheld speaker microphones, surveillance kits and noise cancelling headsets that feature push to talk (PTT) buttons, not to mention accessories that are waterproof. 3M Peltor headsets can also be connected to some Hytera PoC and DMR devices to maximise noise cancellation further. The use of headsets also enables pit staff and others to work handsfree, which is vitally important.

Hytera understands the conditions of the motorsport industry and have the best-fit radios and accessories that allow these events to stay on the right track!