Private Security - Critical Communications

Are you interested to understand more about the latest communications solutions for your private security requirement?

The security industry covers a wide range of roles and activities. Some of these roles are high risk, others less so. Some involve working in teams, others will require security personnel to work alone. What they all have in common is the need for reliable communications and nothing provides that better than professional mobile radio (PMR) systems.

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What You'll Learn

This report provides an overview of the private security industry, highlighting the variety of roles and challenges faced by front-line staff. It also sets out what you need to think about when selecting your next communication solution, with recommendations on critical features and supporting command, control and dispatch applications.

You will discover:

  • What the challenges are that security professionals face and why communications are so important.
  • What safety features are available to enhance security and what happens in an emergency.
  • How to improve resilience, reliability and availability across a private network with supporting command and control.
  • The latest patrol solutions and innovative accessories including bodycams.