• River Island Chooses Hytera DMR

    Commercial | Brand Story

River Island has been a household name and well respected fashion brand on the British High Streets for many years. They announced an expansion of their business with an additional 300 stores across the UK, Ireland and internationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. River Island has a 466,558 sq ft distribution centre split between 2 units and located on more than 20 acres at Magna Park Milton Keynes. The units were completed in September 2010, with over 600 employees serving all the 270 stores throughout the UK.

Problems with the analogue system

Upon moving to their new multi-million pound distribution centre, River Island quickly identified a problem with communication using an analogue two-way radio system. A lack of coverage in specific areas revealed operational problems hidden in blind spots. Two different user groups using the same frequency often caused interference, confusion and lack of communication efficiency.

After defining the problem, Radio Links Communications Ltd, a Hytera authorised partner in the UK, deployed a Hytera Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system at River Island Distribution Centre, solving the previous issues on the analogue radio system.

"We found no one else could match the quality of the product offered and we are extremely happy with our purchase."

Radio users found that coverage of the Hytera DMR system exceeded the coverage requirement and system features surpassed those of all other competitors in this case.

River Island decided to purchase Hytera PD705/PD785 digital portable radios with a Hytera DMR MD785 base radio in the control room.

Clear and reliable audio communication in Magna Park

The main requirement of the communications for the distribution centre was to provide clear and reliable audio communication within the 2 main units in Magna Park, totalling more than 460,000 sq ft. over 4 floors.

Two user groups (security and operations) required simultaneous communication whilst sharing one single channel/frequency.

To meet these requirements, a Hytera MD785 base radio was installed in the control room with the security and operations teams using Hytera PD705/PD785 colour display/keypad radios in "Pseudo Trunking" mode. The result was that two teams were able to communicate simultaneously, without interfering with each other's communications or activity and without need for an additional frequency licence.

"I have, and would recommend Hytera to any other similar business and fully expect to use their products for the foreseeable future."

Another benefit of this "pseudo trunking" feature meant that the control centre could monitor both channels without changing channel, therefore creating more fluid and comprehensive communication and less margin for error or missed communication.

Simple and cost-effective

Hytera DMR radio system for River Island is simple and cost effective. Three main benefits for the application are:

  1. The Hytera DMR Solution provides superior coverage and audio quality.
  2. Two talk channels in one frequency (pseudo trunking feature) helps to reduce license costs.
  3. Superior, robust handsets match the demands of working environment.