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When you’re competing at the top level of football, player fitness is imperative. At Manchester City, the physio and sports science teams were experiencing issues with their communications systems at both the stadium and the academy. The analogue system had a number of black spots and a lack of clarity, which meant player safety was potentially being compromised both in training and on match days.

From Analogue to Digital

Sports Therapist Mark Sertori undertook a full review of the market and chose Hytera as the best option for the club thanks to its design and build quality. He contacted Hytera who put him in touch with local radio dealer Pennine Radio, who implemented a system with 32 X1p radios.

From a single-group Analogue system, the Medical, Sports Science and Security teams at Manchester City now use a DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) system, with four groups, enabling security channels to be split out from the Sports Science and Medical groups who may need to share sensitive information.

The club’s requirements were simple: everyone should be contactable, wherever they are.

Whoever, whenever, wherever…

The results, even in the early weeks of running the Hytera DMR system, have been excellent. There are no black spots any more, even when communicating across parts of the stadium where there are thick concrete or metal walls. Communications are crystal clear, which means that there is less potential for misunderstanding of vital treatment information.

On match days, the physio team are able to analyse instant replays, and quickly relay information to the touchline team about injuries, treatments and player fitness levels. That information is instantly given to Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager, who can make an informed decision about a player’s injury.

What’s more, sensitive information is encrypted, meaning that sports science and medical teams can communicate safely and securely at all times.

During the week, the radios are used at the training ground and the academy, where they receive their fair share of knocks and are frequently dropped. However, the radios are rugged and suffer no ill effects, meaning that they are perfect for the rough and tumble of a busy football club.

Voice of the Customer

“Clear, reliable communication is crucial”, commented City’s Sports Therapist Mark Sertori. “The clarity is fantastic, they’re easy to use – and they’re the most rugged phones we’ve ever used, so they can handle the knocks that come with being used on a training ground. Our medical teams are now able to communicate securely, at all times, without having to worry about black spots.”

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