• Hytera Builds 1st Digital Trunking System in Australia

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Shift, industry communication solution provider, has a vision to provide the most advanced and flexible radio & network solution covering Australia. In the past 20 years, Shift has designed a trunking network to deliver continuous connection between work sites, staff and their customers.

Customer Needs

With the rapid growth of business, Shift needs the high performance and reliable telecommunication solutions to satisfy their customer requirements.

  • Crystal clear digital voice services to ensure voice communication in a suburb area;
  • GPS, telemetry, data transfer for extra value;
  • High power base stations and terminals for a continuous network service for Sydney up to Newcastle;
  • Digital encryption for a high level of security;
  • Redundancy functions to secure the whole network stability.

Our Solution

Since there is no state wide open standard digital network for commercial usage over Australia, Hytera suggested the Hytera DMR Trunking Pro system DS-6210 as the new solution. After a period of internal testing of the stability and functionality on Hytera DS-6210, Shift was ready to present its new solution to the market.

Hytera designed a customised solution based on the existing network, adopting an IP based architecture with easy maintenance, supporting future expansion to state-wide and nationwide, and provides multiple applications to comply the requirement from various industries.

Hytera helps Shift to deploy 8 sites to cover Sydney area in the first phase. This is the 1st commercial case in Australia to provide a smooth upgrade from an old analogue system to digital Trunking to customers from mining, oil refineries, sporting venues, transportation etc.

Values brought by Hytera

  • Smooth voice communication and continuous network service in Australia;
  • Rich value-adding features like GPS and digitaƶ encryption;
  • Full redundancy and fall-back mode secure stability of the whole network.