• China Southern Airlines Takes Off With Hytera

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In terms of passengers - and not many people know this - China Southern Airlines is the sixth-largest airline in the world. In fact, it's Asia's largest airline in terms of fleet size and passengers carried, and the fourth-largest airline in the world in terms of domestic passenger traffic. Its main hubs are at Beijing Capital International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, but the airline flies to nearly 200 destinations with a fleet of over 400 aircraft.

Growing pains, communication problems

The airline was growing quickly, with destinations close to reaching the 200 mark. That meant that the workload for each airport became harder to manage, and efficiencies were harder to find.

The old analogue system that was in place no longer met the changing business needs: there was a shortage of voice channels, no data service... the company defined the requirement of a new digital system that would bring more channels, clearer reception, flexible application services, a PSTN gateway, and good indoor signal coverage.

A scalable DMR trunking system

The Hytera DMR trunking system was built with 1 MSO, a 5-carrier base station with main control channel backup and a base station controller backup, a base station UPS backup, and a recording system backup.

  1. 10-channel DMR trunking communication system
  2. 500 digital portable radios
  3. Central voice recording system
  4. Civil aviation dispatching system
  5. PSTN telephone system gateway, radios can call telephone and vice versa
  6. Digital signal with seamless coverage in terminals
"The DMR trunking system can provide flexible group management, individual call, group call, all call, dispatcher call, override and disconnect functions to fulfil the civil aviation dispatching business. All these advantages of the digital system have helped us improve our daily management and dispatching work efficiency."
Information Engineering Department
China Southern Airline – Henan Branch Company