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    LTE Body Worn Camera

Restore the truth with Hytera body worn cameras

During onsite law enforcement, it is not uncommon for officers to face confrontations or disputes from the public. In the time of social media, anyone can broadcast any event at any time and share their personal comments on any controversies.

To restore the truth of what happened, the officers’ first-person recording of voice and video become essential evidence at trial. In an effort to promote law enforcement transparency, deter violence and increase trial efficiency, public safety has advocated or legislated the use of technologies such as body-worn cameras.

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Body worn cameras are typically used by police, fire, and ambulance services, but they are also issued to prison staff, private security officers, healthcare workers, railway workers, traffic wardens and parking attendants or any workers who may face abuse and the threat of violence in their jobs.

Studies have shown that body worn cameras can help to deter verbal abuse and aggression, as people often calm down if they know they are being filmed. As such, they provide an additional means of protection for front-line staff and lone workers.

Choosing the best Bodycam

Choosing the correct body worn camera for your requirements is essential, but with the full range of Hytera solutions there is a product to meet all needs and budgets. Hytera, as a world leading provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, brings BWC to a new level with innovative hardware and software design, convergence with push-to-talk technology, and integration with control room solutions.

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Infrared night vision

Unveil the truth in the dark

Capture a clear image in low light conditions

Bodyworn camera low light


Streaming while saving

With dual-stream technology you can save and stream live videos to the control centre over 4G/LTE networks. This enables dispatchers and emergency responders to share the same information in real time which ensures fast deployment to the scene.

10387 BWC Public Safety Video 04

Rotatable camera

Always capture at the best angle

These devices are equipped with a rotatable lens that can move vertically by up to 216º which provides an optimal angle for users to capture precise photos or videos to help improve the communication of difficult situations.

10387 BWC Public Safety Video 03

Data encryption

Evidence must be secured

Keep data privacy and integrity with AES-256 encryption algorithm and cipher chip.

Bodyworn camera data encryption

Our Body worn camera range

VM780 Features

The VM780 takes bodycams to the next level with the most advanced range of features available.


216 º rotatable HD camera

One of the most notable features is the 216 º rotatable HD camera. It allows users to easily adjust the angle and capture pictures or videos in an optimal view, without removing the camera from the gear.

Privacy and security

High-level data security

Hytera adopts AES-256 encryption in the body worn camera for high-level data security. All footage recorded by the camera is encrypted and only accessible to authorized users. The video is tamper-proof with automatic tags of time stamp, device ID, and user ID upon recording.

Voice Communications


Hytera LTE body worn camera VM780 also serves as a Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) radio. Over 3G, 4G, or WLAN networks, VM780 allows users to make voice calls simply by pressing the push-to-talk (PTT) key. Thanks to the advanced noise reduction technology, the camera picks up the voice while filtering the ambient noise.

Gps Location Services

Improve situational awareness

With the dual-stream technology, VM780 saves the same video locally, while streaming live video to the control center over 4G/LTE networks. This enables dispatchers and responders to share the same information in real-time, making responses faster.

VM580D Features

Hytera's latest generation of Smart 4G Body Worn Cameras.

User Interface

Compact size & friendly UI

The 20mm ultra-thin body and ergonomic design make it easy to wear even for a whole day. The 2.0-inch touch screen and minimalist User Interface (UI) enable more convenient and simpler operations .The large PTT button, separate alarm button and instant SOS feature ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel.

Video trasfer

1080P with infrared night vision

Video recording is the most important and fundamental function of body worn cameras. VM580D can film 1080P videos with infrared night vision. It can even meticulously distinguish facial features and profiles very clearly at a distance of 5 to 10 meters in the dark. The 110° ultra-wide lens is equipped with a distortion reduction algorithm to accurately collect more details on sites.

Gps icon

All-time positioning

VM580D supports outdoor positioning configurations, such as GPS, GLONASS and AGPS, and indoor Bluetooth positioning. Even in places such as garages, tunnels and shopping malls the location of frontline personnel can be tracked in real time, which helps end users to complete tasks more conveniently and efficiently.

Voice Communications

PTT to Broadband and Radios

Combined with Hytera's Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) solution HyTalk Pro, the VM580D can realize PTT communication over multiple types of networks including radio and Broadband. Dual microphones enhance the voice effect with no distortion improving sound quality and audio playback capabilities for clear and effective communication.

VM685 Features

The VM685 series offers the user more flexibility, complete with a range of highly desirable features.

Gps icon

180° Rotatable Lens

The lens of VM68X can be rotated vertically by 180°, which enables optimal angle of view and flexible wearing positions for the users to capture critical events. Based on preference and scenarios, the users can wear VM68X with the display facing in or out.

Voice Communications

Professional RVM

When connected to a two-way radio, VM68X can be used as a Bluetooth/wired Remote Speaker Microphone (RVM) to eliminate the needs for officers to carry multiple devices. It displays radio information synchronously, allowing users to operate more conveniently.

Workflow Management

Evidence collection to management

Hytera provides a complete solution to manage the body worn cameras and digital evidence from the field to the court. This solution includes the Mobile Device Management (MDM), Integrated Device Station (IDS), and Digital Evidence Management (DEM).

Gps icon

Clear vision supporting low light

Operated via one-touch in all light environments, the infrared LED supports low light with the LCD display for optimum playback capabilities.

Body worn camera videos

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Hytera VM780 Body Worn Camera Features


Bodycam (BWC) VM580D


Capture the truth with Hytera Body Worn Cameras


Rapid Emergency Response with Hytera Body Worn Cameras


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